A single heavy bomber wiped out half the team in 1 pass.. Kinda unfair

Questioning why we have heavy CAS bombers in this game? A pervious mid rank RB game, my team was pushing towards the middle and making good progress when this heavy bomber at ultra high altitude (our 2 SPAA’s could not properly hit it) unleashed hell. The result… 7 tanks destroyed. The end result, the enemy won… Before people say ‘aw you bunch up you’re a easy target’. The team was well spread out but 4 1 ton bombs had little difficulty in murdering us. We just got completely carpet bombed and stood no chance as our token fighter didn’t even spot the high flying threat till after the damage was done.

Just makes me think its a Ground Forces game, aircraft should not have such a defining influence.


pic of the damage this thing did…

oh seems like you met a lancaster or a pe 8, they are very situational and like to team kill half their own team as well if not used wisely, can be countered and just need awareness, mostly a skill issue on the teams part


Here come the skill issue replies

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First off, what aircraft can carry 4 x 1 ton bombs?

As for high alt bombing with a single large bomb, yeah it happens. Quite frankly hitting even 1 target from that alt is really difficult, to kill 7 is actually kinda impressive. In future, just need to make sure you spread out a lot more and from experience in the Lancaster, its nice they actually finally gave it some teeth if that is what did this. 1000lb bombs dont do much unless you score a near direct hit. Pe-8s have always been the king for this kind of thing and its really nice the british for once got something akin.

CAS affecting the outcome of a game is a hotly debated topic at the moment, I think there is some tuning that needs to be done, mostly with buffing SPAA, but trust me, gets even worse at high BR when you have 0 skill drones that you are given for free that can score 2x easy kills. Not too mention what you can do if you have a decent Heli or Jet.

German Do 217?

It was the Russians who, with their Pe-8 and their 5-ton bomb, had this property until recently.
Now the British have it too, with the Lancaster and its 12,000 lb tallboy bomb.

Recently Gaijin offered this mission for the battle pass:

Masterful Sabrage : Destroy 5 vehicles of player vehicles using an unguided bomb while at a distance of at least 4,000 meters from the target at the moment of impact from the moment of receipt to the end of the season. 💥

Should have spawned a plane or SPAA in defense. And the Team should have spread out more.

Skill issue.

Given the design with spawns and cap points that ground vehicles are forced into, having planes with this kind of “nuke” capacity is just poor gaming. I also have to wonder about a player who chooses to use such a gimmick.

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Eh Pe8 can drop his bomb from well out of effective SPAA range and have it hit center map. Heck he can still drop it after being shot down.

This one I actually sympathise with the tanker players here tbh. There really isnt anything you can do when a Pe8/lanc drops their bomb except drive away from teammates as fast as you can and hope they didnt drop it near enough to you.

The map forces players into the middle where there is cover from the long ranged campers. You have 2 choices, avoid the built up areas and then get sniped by a guy hiding behind a bush 2k away or get a bomb dropped on your head.

What?? When?? I didn’t get this memo. No wonder I’m never in such lemming squads.

And that blue thing is called the allied Spawn, not thd middle of the map. Spawn bombing is a bit scummy (varies) but why are so many just at spawn? Obviously too many decided to not move.

Pe-8 didn’t like my Sea Hurricane, allies saved.

isn’t SC1000 technically a 1 ton bomb? any german bomber from 264 onward can do it

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