A Simple Solution to Spawn Camping

My idea to fix spawncamping:
War Thunder should add a Battlefield 4 Type of Deployment area, each side gets a strip of map which is out of bonds for enemy ground vehicles. There is the place to Spawn, and then you drive to the Frontlines. fits the Realist Battles very well. Mechanized Reserves dont just pop out of nowhere on the Battlefield, they wait behind the frontlines and then drive in.
Could be implemented by giving out of bonds warning with a timer. Or with static AI controlled PAK Cannons with start shooting after a timer runs out.
CAS ofcourse can go and strike there like in real life.


and who will the guns shoot at?..

Tanks which rush into enemy spawn

Just shoot them before they get that close. Very simple to do.


Simplistic reply.
Often there is like 5 active players vs full team after one death quiters are gone.

Yep, means you are probably going to lose. Just hope team is better next match!

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But how to encourage people to play loosing matches?
surely not by seeing a spawn with red dots split 360 degrees around it.
i surely dont spawn then, i alt tab and wait.
ive you have this deployment area you atleast have a front with enemys and back which is 100% clear

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No matter where the line is drawn as to when one opponent can fight the other, the opponent will always be waiting at exactly this point. Tactics must be used to prevent spawncamping right from the start. If you always think that someone else can take care of the flank, it will always backfire …


Ofcourse the can wait at the line but they dont know exactly where the enemy come from so there is a good chance to catch the spawncamper of guard and punish them

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This ^^

Artificial support for losing team will often leads to abuse it by that team.
If you create something, that will allow losing team to sit on spawn and attack winning team from it, players will most probably abuse it.


You talking a perfect coordinated teamplay but the game is war thunder :D

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One Death leave yourself.

I started doing it as well whenever i encounter BS. No one gives a f* anyway and Gaijin doesnt either so just ODL and hop to the next match

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Yeah that what i do too, or sometimes spawn spaa to scratch 5 players paint before getting oblitared.
Just imagine the enemy doesnt know exactly where you come from but the general direction, north for example. sure people will camp the edge of the combat zone but you still can fight them somewhat.
This would be a scenario where the super heavy breakthrough vehicles actually would perform their intendet usecase.

Besides if people spawn camp - try to kill some during Spawn Protection (don’t move during it) and then quickly Press ESC → Leave Vehicle before it runs out (faster than J out) and respawn again until you got all the Campers or just ODL.

I will try this one sound broken to me :D

Here is an example of my idea. Would solve the issue completly and would give a reason to spawn in a lost match.

You can do the same whenever you hear CAS coming for you or a Bomb and you know you won’t make it, just ESC and leave Vehicle.

Even ghosting in this Game is allowed i.e. when you died you can choose to ‘Spectate’ and then spectate your own dead Tank for example and see every enemy around it, where they move or hide and then respawn now knowing where they are or give that information to your allies or person you are in a squad with.
Made a post about it not long ago asking why its allowed but no one said it isn’t, just some ppl admitting of doing it and streamers / youtubers do it all the time when they squad with people

I feel like stuff like this is the reason the game aint as much fun as it could be.
But to punish spawnrape its perfectly fine :D
But back to the topic, ofcourse people would sit in their base and shoot from there.
But they could get shot too. People just cant drive in their back with ebr, and game is won by capturing objectives.
People should get a little sp every 30 seconds ive they hold position at an already captured objective too.

Honestly, i do think a change to spawn area should happen. Like you say, a strip where vehicles will spawn in. Better than one small 25 meter zone where everyone spawns in.


Another day ,another topic presenting idea how to “fix” spawncamping.

You people will come up with anything but taking preventive measures, which would fix like 99% of the issues without changing the single line of code.