A silly grind design

I thought I’d come here and post while I’m locked out of the p51 that I am trying to grind.

I’m locked out because I crashed and I crashed because the dang plane is artifically neutered to simulate some sort of path to competitiveness.

I wonder if anyone has recently considered what a poor design feature this is in practice?

You get a ‘stock’ plane that in the game is severely detuned in every aspect. This has nothing to do with history. It’s strictly a game feature. In real life you’d have varying degrees of competency and stamina from pilot to pilot, not plane to plane. This ‘pilot or crew’ experience could be modeled in place of this building a plane up to stock from something that is much less.

So now you’re fighting in your artifically detuned plane, comitted to the nonsensical grind and in the process of fighting the plane loses a wing or augers in due to its adulterated condition and THEN you’re locked out of the plane for 5 minutes for crashing too early.

It’s really a 2/10 as far as implemented game mechanics go. I gave it a two because you at least tried, but there are better ways to do it


Huh, why would this get moved to players helping players? I know how the game ‘works’

it’s designed to make you frustrated so you cough up $$$ to make your new vehicle playable

Yikes, that’s horrible.

Rule number one: It ain’t my fault!

You crashed because you flew badly or made a mistake, it happens, but don’t blame game for it

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laughing at your insipid comment on my ability.
Are you suggesting that there is no difference in flight characteristics between a newly unlocked plane and one that is spaded? (returned to war time stock form)

I may also add that Im flying with a HOTAS joystick in the cockpit with full realism on realistic mode. So im not some dweeby mouse flyer letting the instructor do all the work.

Your plane probably cant even stall. Very noticable difference between neutered and stock when you are actually taking the time to ‘fly’ the plane

No, I suggest you made a mistake and crashed. Having stock plane doesn’t require you to hit the ground.

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are you on the payroll here or just incredibly thick?
What do you think the ‘grind’ entails?
Gaijin takes a historically stock plane and detunes it. (artifically neutering it) to give us the frame work for the grind.

Fuselage repair
wing repair
engine injection

All these things drastically detune your plane from its historically stock numbers. You’re taking a falsely damaged plane in to compete with others who’s aircraft are fully unlocked.

If you’re a kid and playing this in simple mode with a mouse and keyboard, the instructor pilot likely smooths out a lot of it. You probably cant even stall.

However if you enjoy ‘flying’ and actually have some skill utilizing a joystick you’ll quickly see the artifical disparity between a historically accurate, stock plane. (What Gaijin calls ‘Spaded’) and what you get in the beginning when you first unlock the plane. (what I call artifically neutered)

So , while im sure you’re quite an expert at pointing your mouse and letting the instructor figure it out within the flight envelope parameters, if you’re flying in realistic mode with a HOTAS setup you’ll quickly note the horrible handling differencs between neutered and stock.

The plane is simply in an already damaged, and uncompetetive state. There’s no historical premise for this. In practice, grinding a crap flight model and crashing in a fight because of it and then getting crew locked is just an abysmal game mechanic.

So, in closing, the poorly thought out and implemented game mechanic does in fact detune the plane to a point of non competetiveness. Yes, the GAME is responsible for that, not my flying ability. Would have been very simple to have the grind be for the pilot and not the plane. Keep the pilot alive and you gain experience and capability. More g’s, endurance, etc.

Pilot gets killed and you get a new one to work with

None of that makes you crash - we all had the same shortcomings, many of us on a lot more planes than you have unlocked, and it didn’t make us crash.

You had the same issue with other planes before this - yet you do not complain about them.

So it is a skill issue - specifically your lack of it on the P51.

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Oh, I complained. I’ve been playing awhile. Usually get met with the same obtuse remarks.

It’s really funny that you are highlighting your skill in that you’ve spaded aircraft without crashing, but If you are flying this in Realistic mode with simplified controls on and instructor’s enabled then this conversation does not include you. edit, I see most of your experience is in arcade mode LOL

You not crashing is not because of your skill flying an artifically damaged aircraft, you’re not ‘really’ flying the plane. You’re ‘pointing’ it with your mouse and the instructor flies the plane within the parameters available so that it doesnt crash. That’s not a skill thing brother, it’s silly to suggest otherwise.

While I may not have a ton of stuff spaded (compared to others) all my results were attained ‘flying’ with a hotas setup in realistic mode with realistic controls selected against guys like you flying on ‘simple mode’ with their mouse.

I’ve complained before LOL, took me a bit to find the thing

mouse flying

So maybe that is the issue - have you tried flying “simple mode”?

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LOL, dude, you crack me up, quit moving the goalpost. I like ‘flying’ which the game allows for. It has a good flight model that you might enjoy if you ever actually try flying instead of pointing

so, my original point is still valid. The GAME is falsely neutering the plane to simulate some type of unlocking of capability. But it’s terrible in implementation. You’re basically starting off in a heavily damaged aircraft fighting against spaded aircraft. YOU can’t see it because the instructor takes care of the flying part, staying within the plane’s reduced performance envelope while you just point where to go and wait patiently for the auto pilot to catch up.

so here’s a better mechanic. have a stock plane be historically stock like all issued aircraft were. Just make the pilot the variable whose skill must be unlocked. You have to survive to gain ability like endurance and g loading and if you get killed you get dealt a new pilot which must be trained out. Lots of incentive to stay alive and survive. Chute killing would be a thing that people would complain about fervently, but at least there’s some historical relevance to it unlike my plane’s wing falling off in a 4g manuever cause I dont have that module unlocked.

sorry - I’ll s top trying to be helpful immediately.

So you love flying the game’s flight model, which is good, and hate that the flight model is neutered.

Got it.

You are a moron.

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Haha, it’s funny how your ‘help’ in the beginning was pointing out my lack of skill relative to yours when it’s you who doesnt know how to fly. dripping with irony. Thanks for the help, dude

Name calling is unfortunate, but whatever. You’re wrong and calling me a moron doesn’t fix that, though it might in your eyes.

My earnest intent is to point out a flaw in the game mechanic. if you have nothing more to add than your take on my mental acquity then go away. This doesnt concern you and you are not being helpful


Dude is dull like communist, don’t waste time on him. The only person not responsible for his crash is him, society sabotaged him.

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its fascinating how thick you arcade fanboys are.

You are very funny hahaha, are you aspiring to be a stand up comedian?