A silly grind design

I’m not funny, I posted this orignially in realistic discussion as I think it’s pertinent ‘there’, Stona moved it here. Go spade your planes in arcade mode, you’re adding nothing here

I gotta say, man is this thread fun. Rarely if ever have I seen a person more prone to getting trolled than OP. A true feast

lol, ive rarely run into a bigger group of kids with an inferiority complex than here. it’s fascinating. Nothing about the substance of my original post, only comments about my inability (when it’s you guys that dont know how to fly! just delicious). I guess they gotta play to the lowest common denominator, which is you clowns. I’ll stick with IL-2

Happy pointing

Sounds like a skill issue. Maybe you should try watching a few youtube videos on how-to-fly, or play the tutorial?

Can’t you see that these people have no life? They just wander around the posts without contributing anything.

Don’t give it another thought, playing stock is a handicap. They live on that, it’s the business model.

You accept it or you leave the game.

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