A sense of EP

Good evening.

I have an idea that will make life more pleasant for a lot of players, and also Gaijin will not do any damage.

It is about the EP once you have a complete techtree ready. Currently it is so that the EP disappear, and that makes you really mad, it is no fun to play the vehicles from the techtree.

Now comes the idea:
The EP are stored in a monthly pool, and are converted into SL. What does 1EP = 1SL
For example, at the end of the month I have made 500K EP in a finished techtree, now get at the end of the month 500K SL. So playing has a meaning.

Now you can also expand it. Premium accounts have a 1 to 2 conversion.

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Could certainly work. I’ve always thought that 50% of your RP gains with a completed tree should just get converted to SLs every game or it to be transferable onto another tree (maybe within the same nation, or the same type) with a high tax. (maybe only 10% transferable)

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Or make it that it stores RP into a pool for each nation individually, and when there’s something new out, you can just take RP from that pool and add it to the vehicle you are researching.

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That would be great too

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