A real wheeled addition for the french tech tree


Why not these:

EBRC Jaguar



ERC-90 Sagaie


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No stabiliser means it will perform badly
You need to upgrade it to one of the three ERC 90 that got the stabilized TTB190


ERC 90 Sagaie I with TTB190 turret

ERC 90 Sagaie II with TTB190 turret

ERC 90 Sagaie NG with TTB190 turret

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Of course a fantastic addition we should have. It is so sad that rn we only have one stabilized light tank in the entire tree and it is a premium. (Technically two if you add amx-M24)

Yes, the Vextra is long overdue. The 25mm version would likely be redundant with the VBCI though, so I don’t think it’s needed (or if it is, make it a premium or squadron vehicle while the VBCI goes to the tech tree).

Oh, and they also need to add the stabilized AMX-10RC TML while we’re at it. Would probably make a great premium, that way the Vextra 105mm and 120mm can go to the tech tree and keep the progression coherent.

It wouldn’t add much if anything compared to the MARS 15. Ideally the ERC-90 should’ve been added instead of the MARS 15, but alas it wasn’t. I’d rather Gaijin devote their ressources to vehicles that France actually needs, such as stabilized vehicles and mid tier AA.

These however would be very interesting. It’d give France some stabilized vehicles 8.3-8.7 area, which it desperately needs.

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