A question made by many on this month

Dear Gaijin

My most esteemed and distinguished sirs, I beg you, in the most respectful and decorous language of this our illustrious era, to kindly elucidate a query that has increasingly perturbed my mind: could you, with your customary magnanimity and wisdom, reveal to me the precise moment when the venerable and diligent editors shall proceed with the publication of the next highly anticipated “dev blog”?

This invaluable source of knowledge and updates, particularly concerning the development and introduction of a new tank, illuminates our understanding and satisfies our eager curiosity regarding the advancements and innovations in the fascinating realm of military engineering.


difficult times require a little bit of humor :D

Gaijin: You shall recieve it when we are ready! Not a moment before!


I love how you worded this XD

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Yeah what @BlitzMemes said @ Gaijin

You spelt chat bot wrong . . . .

The official answer