A new players rules of combat on War thunder (Murphy's game mode)

Since joining I have had nothing but fun and frustration with this game but for me, that’s what makes a game a good one along with its challenges and headaches.

Here are the 10 rules of warfare for War Thunder that I have come to know as a beginner.

  1. If you don’t see the enemy, they see you.

  2. It is you VS 16 enemy players who are busy herding the other 15 (mostly) idiots on your team.

  3. Don’t shoot a Russian tank driver hatch in the front! It has either plot armor or he is recording with a camera inside.

  4. If you think your allies are covering the flank then you are an idiot and you need to cover the flank.

  5. If you see a bush in the distance and don’t scope it, then it’s a tank, not a bush. If you “Use binoculars they are free” then it will be a bush.

  6. If you feel like someone is watching you, then he is behind you with 3k gold eagles of bushes attached.

  7. If a grid line of a map makes or breaks a victory then it is probably grid line 7

  8. If a lane looks questionable let the “allies” go first to check for speed traps.

  9. If you think your area is secure, it’s not. But if you think it isn’t secure then it is.

  10. If everything seems too quiet then look up.

All jokes aside have fun.


10A: If you don’t see anyone, they’re watching you through 15 bushes, 2 buildings, 3 hills, and 5 km away. They will not miss their shot.