A new other spawn mechanic for gf

what would you think about removing the spawn points completely. and you can choose your own entry point at your map edge by clicking e.g. that would end the complete spawn f and allow completely different dynamics !
counterattacks when the lower edge is overrun. the opponent no longer knows where to get on the map . it would change many things for the better . and it would be without a big rework of the maps

I think this has been suggested many times and it has never gone anywhere.
I think this would be great change,but in some maps would require some changes to map.
This would also fix problem in start of the match where you get worst possible spawn as your tank.

Only problem I see with this is if it can be used at start the match everybody is going to spawn closest to cap or camp spot and we will have 4pm traffic jam in every match. :/

or a mix . start point are fix like now - and the second spawn is fluid edge spawn. as far as the card allows