A moment of silence for the Strela

Same, only the tiny amount and rare smart ones will keep a distance, but the majority of the players I seen or almost all of them will just fly close or fly over the battlefield. A while ago an A-10 strafed my Type 16 with pure guns lol was pretty cool seeing that, but alas it died to a jet flying by. Team was full of ODL cuz the we getting snipped at spawn from across the map which sucks, no cover whatsoever so no SAMs or SPAAG was used.

Personally, I think Strela-10 is fine on that BR (definitely fine for the arcade, and since I tried it a few times in RB, it also worked well). Of course the effectiveness of the Strela-10 depends very much on the map (availability of covers) and the weather. On desert maps (they usually have little or no cover) in bad weather the Strela-10 can work very poorly.

nope it’s not fine for GFAB, this thing when present makes all other SAM’s obsolete!

  • it has next to no lock on time;
  • has no problem to lock onto choppers;
  • for some reason it can fire at targets outside its all aspect max range!;
  • SAM is almost immune to flares;
  • SAM with 20G out performs almost all others;

for the event i have been playing my 10.0-3 lineups, and i know always check if there is a Strela present, if so i will NOT spawn in another SPAA, it’s completely pointless.

the only things that comes close are:
-Type 93;

  • Type 81 (c) which was moved to 11.0

Yesterday i was literally standing next to one is my Ozelot with K variant stingers. A plane was coming in Head on, so Stinger with All aspect 6km should handily beat Strela with 3.2km all aspect lock, right? Wrong he got of the missile beyond 4km. either the stat card is wrong or there is something hidden stat / buff we simply can’t see

not have much experience with Mistral SATCP SAM, but Chaparal is in the same boat, Strela present forget about getting anything.

So you absolutely confirmed me that Strela-10 still works fine in GFAB (except in cases when is bad weather - in this case can have some problems with shoting down everything from skies). That it’s not fine for flying things is no longer my problem. I’m just taking the opportunity. Don’t want to know how I bully players with it in custom battles. :D

I can´t wait for Strela-10M4 with 9M333 and thermal )))

In bad weather CAS performs poorly too. When the stars align some of the better CAS can be hard to deal with at the Strela’s B.R. if a team doesn’t spawn interceptors, but the stars do really have to align to do well with things like the A-10 that some people in this post are complaining about.

Yeah thats absolutely true except arcade where bad weather is in favor of the planes thanks to the markings and unguided weapons. But bad weather doesn’t happen often, so it’s mostly like the picture below.

3 planes in 3 seconds :D

And it should go higher. It’s still BS.

In my experience, it does happen pretty regularly in ground RB.

Yeah. Ground RB and ground AB are different in this.

In the case of the arcade, I doubt whether it will help. In general, I think that the spawn point of planes/helicopters needs to be reconsidered. I also take Strela-10 to BR 11.3 and still have amazing results with it.

Try fighting something like an A-6E TRAM or AMX with the Strela or any Stinger platform, it’s completely impossible if they aren’t braindead.

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It also costs 10 times as much SP to get into one of those planes with gbus as it does to spawn a Strela. If either of them come within your engagement range it’s a death sentence for them.

SPAA is a deterrent, not a win button. If you/your team wants to deal with the guy bombing you from space, you need to send a fighter against them. Don’t want to grind fighters? Tough luck. You have to grind tanks and spaa, I don’t know why you guys have such a complex over people who bothered to grind the air trees, you know, the ones that war thunder wouldn’t exist without.

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These days you can even get helicopters, and with the shared research mechanic you don’t even need to touch other modes.


Yeah there is no excuse really.

“I want tanks to be OP without a counter” is basically what every one of these threads boils down to.

10.0 is good BR for strela. Remember that Ozelot is 9.7 and strela with much better missiles was 9.3, bc gaijin. So with this underperforming stingers (there should be 24G overload instead of 10G) it’s even struggling at 9.7.
I wonder why Strela is ONLY 10.0 considering that.

Strela-10 was 9.3 because before it did not have photocontrast and it takes some time to introduce new BR. Photocontrast made a huge difference in efficiency.

I would like to know what tank is going to be OP without air ;)


Strela-10 in realistic battles BR 10.3

2 drones
2 planes
1 helicopter

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This crazy cancer needs to be 10.3 at least, I never see such kind of missiles lock a heli far from 5km, it makes most of helis under 10.0 unplayable.

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Skill issue