A moment of silence for the Strela

One of the few actually good SPAA that could reliably keep an airspace clear and threaten ATGM slinging helis and planes at stand-off range.
Banished to 10.0 for giving as good as it got.
It will be missed.


10.0 is a B.R. where F&F ATGMs appear that can be fired outside of Strela effective range, so another SPAA who won’t be able to do much against a player who uses his brain instead of flying straight.


Type 81C which was a bit better was banished to the hell of 11.0 now where Ka-50 can just sit outside lockrange and shoot vikhirs


Welcome to everyone elses game. The Strela was busted at 9.0, simple facts, It does what the pansir did to 11.0 but at a lower br


Finally, it goes to 10.0, the most OP and Russian bias SPAA finally find a correct( may be not, should be higher) BR at its level


Speaking from my GFAB experience, i will not miss this OP SPAAG for a single nano second.
It outperformed every SAM SPAAG in the bracket bar the 2S38:

  • anything armed with stingers, stinger is 30m/s faster and in theory had the better launch range, but locking onto helicopters nope;
  • same goes for the Mistral, and Type 93;
  • Strela, has near instantaneous lock on, with 20G overload missile, with 4 ready to fire.

now it sits at the same BR as the Roland, Chaparral:

  • Roland, is slower, has way bigger payload, 1&2 have 15G, 3 has the same 20G, can only fire and control 1 SAM at a time and then the reload animation;
    *Chaparral, is faster, has only 16,5G, also has 4 SAM’s ready to fire with two reload, and in my experience SAM’s also lock onto missiles fire by in particular helicopters;

Both are way bigger then the low slung Strela (65% visibility), compared to the Rolands 235%.


Any SAM that uses SACLOS to guide their missile are perfect for Helis vs SAM that use IR are perfect against Jets/planes. Thats how I see it anyways. Both SAMs can kill all air crafts, but each have their own struggles.

Strela, Type 93, Type 81 C etc… Perfect vs Jets
Rolands, ADATS etc… Perfect vs Helis

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From someone who plays strela it is super broken, this spaa performs well even at top tier, it has basically 100% flare resistance. The fact that it was lower br than spaa with stingers is insane.

The fov of 9M37 is 1° in game,which means even without IRCCM, the missile’s anti flare capacity is better than most of IR missiles in game.

And it also has a IRCCM of 0.5° FOV.

And tons of cryers claim 9.3 is best spot for it.


9.3 is absolutely fine for it, just move the other SPAA down or make them more capable.
Just spawn a tank if you want to kill it.
What’s it going to do? Kill you with a light machine gun?

1.0 is absolutely fine for 81C.
Just spawn a tank if you want to kill it.
What’s it going to do? It doesn’t even have a machine gun


Yeah sounds good to me.

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And, Starstreak is far too op in 10.3, It can pen my T-72’s side armor. It should be 12.0 because its better than panstir’s AA gun


Skill issue.

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You have massive skill issue if you think the Strela isn’t still OP at 10.0.

Try and come up with a counter-argument that doesn’t involve pointing at playercards for once.


You have a massive skill issue if you think the Strela is OP at 10.0 when planes can just lob ATGMs from stand-off range outside of lock range.

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The problem with the Strela isn’t that it was too good. The problem with the Strela is that no other major nation had access to a comparable SPAA at that B.R.


What planes at 10.0 are lobbing ATGMs from outside Strela range? This is a massive cope lmao. I see people using the Strela at top tier. It’s OP as hell, as standard for the Russian tech tree.


Absolutely, but that would create an intense amount of crying from CAS/helis when they are no longer able to switch their brains off and fly in a straight line over the battlefield to not get killed.
Playing against someone that has the brains to remain at stand-off range in SPAA is an experience in frustration.


I can shoot the F&F at strela from distance that it can’t do anything to me.