A matching question

I was in a match yesterday. My best BR in the match was 1.7. So i understand I can fight 1.0 though 2.3 right.
Why Would I be fighting a 2.7 tank? I can not even penetrate.


If you can’t penetrate it, don’t fight it. There will be plenty of 1.7 tanks in the enemy team.

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Give this a read, it should explain things in better detail than anyone on the forums will

So the guy used 2-1.0 BR to or so to use his 2.7. Geesh

No. You and him were matched by normal rules for ground

this is already wrong!

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Russian math.

Nvm re read it. deleting my earlier post. I think levels of the player should also matter.

Should but war thunder does not have enough low level players to group them up against each other in reasonable waiting time

Apparently, they do! Up to about a thousand games. But I have no idea of the exit conditions and I am not curious enough to test it.