A kill shot or a miss ,what do you think?

in my M1A1 looking for the enemy I get shot . look at the screen shot ,

ot and guess if it killed me damaged me or missed .

It was a heat fs shell . It hit the optics on the top of the turret,outside of the hull . the shell from what I know of hear fs ,it loses it enegery or damage effect after it strikes a object . That is why spaced armor is effective against them .Oh and by the way the shell killed my entire crew even though it nevered entered the tank . How could warthunder give some tanks the ability to kill their enemy even when they miss ? Its impossible to win if my shells don’t do any damage but some tanks get kills even when they miss

It was not a HEATFS, it was an HEFS. You were killed by overpressure by a large HE shell detonating on your optics/cupola. Nothing new or unusual, happens all the time and is quite repeatable with the shell used. You could even check the protection analysis. I hope the account I found isn’t you because you should know this after having 600+ days played in ground realistic.

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You say that is a legit sot ,then how about this one .Shot a leopard 2a4 in the side of his turret , a kill shot ,right ? No WAY .He suffered 0 damage turned and killed me in 1 shot . still think the damage model is accurate.

HEATFS->High Explosive, Anti Tank. You do not make a High explosive shell fin-stabilized. It will not work.

it was a heat fe shell at least warthunder callsit a heat fs .And in the protection analysis,shot after shot it anly killed the commander.,Try after try nothing more the 1 crew was lost . u might need to check first your self before telling me to .the shell outperforms in a match .Nothing like in the analysis. It seems the game prefers one country over another

It says you were hit by a 3OF26 round. The round is HE.

Yes you do when it is fired from a smoothbore cannon. Go look up the 3OF26 round. It is a high explosive fragmentation round that is fin stabilized. Same concept as a HEATFS but with a different warhead. There is nothing preventing an HE round from being fin stabilized. I don’t know where you get this notion that an HEFS round not work. Anyways, here is the 3OF26.

It wasn’t a HEATFS round. You can read that is was a 3OF26 round. Go do the testing with that round and it will overpressure the crew if it hits the optics. I did check, that’s why I said that it was the correct shot and could be repeated.

If you shot the side of the turret and didn’t kill both the commander and gunner and also knock out the breach, then it would be able to fire back. Your picture shows nothing to support or deny what actually happened.

Also, I didn’t say the damage model was accurate, I said what happened to you is repeatable and can be explained.