A good event vehicle

I think you guys should add a new event vehicle the one i will be talking about is the avro arrow for uk as a Canada event vehicle it would fit in 9.7 or something like that it would have useless aim-4 falcon missiles and could make a slight turn at 1.5 with no speed loss it would carry 1000lb bombs or 2000lb bombs for other stuff

10.3 minimum,… because it can fly higher than any fighter, and is faster aswell.

9.7 can’t be the BR

The thing is its only fast and it has no good missiles

It’s using AIM-7B [active radar guidance, basically a Fox-3 missile, with similar range as AIM-7C] (x4) and AIM-4 Falcon (×8)(SARH or IR depending on variant)

So basically 6 missiles if you do a 2xAIM-7+ 4xAIM-4

Which is already more than every other aircrafts under 10.0

It also have a decent rate of climb with prototype engine, of 83.60m/s, basically similar to what have the F-8E, or MiG-21 MF/SMT.

The last prototype RL-206, is considered to be able to reach mach 2.5 (thing we don’t see until F-14A/MiG-29/F-16 at 12.0), altitude of 21.000m (5km over everyone at 10.3, and approx. 2km over everyone at 12.0)

So who needs to worry when nobody can reach you?
Explain to me how Avro Arrow should be 9.7,…

The number of missiles, and the technology on-board makes it a 10.3,… 10.7 if we consider FOX-3 ability, but only 10.3 because there is no flares/chaffs installed yet.