A friendly reminder M735 is still unhistorically nerfed

Just a friendly reminder that it’s been what ? 5-6 months ? And M735 is still broken and borderline unusable at 9.3 with how often you see uptiers to 10.0 because 10.0-10.3 premiums are selling like crazy. Gaijin promised to fix it. Why is that so difficult to change it back ?

@Smin1080p I’m sorry for pinging you. But do we have any information on when is the round gonna get corrected again ?


Use one of the half a dozen already existing threads. You don’t need to spam out a new thread every “friendly reminder”.

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Really just sad how long this round, the top one for a good few tanks (and some of the premiums Gaijin sells) has remained a historically nerfed to the point of being nigh-on useless…

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It’s not Russian, so they don’t care. If it was, it would’ve been reverted immediately but again it isn’t, so they don’t care.

Cute flag. Does nothing to disprove me.


Tinfoil hat time
They don’t very much like Japan due to things like battle of Tsushima, so they stick them with XM735 as a top round for their Type 16 FPS/prototype :P

Wouldn’t doubt it.

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That’s not remotely true.

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Oh? Yet the TURMS got a better round immediately after release because the first choice apparently wasn’t good enough.

So, yes it is true. We have precedent to prove it.

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Yeah, rounds are used as balancing tool by Gaijin. That’s nothing new or proof of anything.

The pen isn’t what makes it bad, it’s the post pen. I’d rather the post pen damage be buffed than the normal penetration.

It would make tanks with it much better to use.

Tbh, people overstate how bad the nerf actually was. You lost almost no angled penetration, but rather flat pen, which doesn’t really matter very much.

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Pen should be buffed to historical standards of the M735 round rather than XM735, and postpen should be buffed, yes.


Useless? Ya’ll haven’t used 3BM25 if you think M735 is useless.
The nerf only impacted flat pen, which is a major issue yes. It should be fixed, I certainly agree with everyone here on that front.

M735 is still usable though as you’re primarily facing angled armor.

Oh no, TURMS got a round equivalent to NATO tanks at 10.0… the horror…

There is precedent of NATO stuff being good, yes. Not sure why you claim that’s Russian tho.

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