A fresh breath for italy - leo 2a8it

According to armyrecognition.com’s sources, On December 13, 2023, Italian defense company Leonardo and Franco-German defense consortium KNDS (KMW and Nexter Defence Systems) finalized an agreement for the Italian Leopard 2A8 procurement program, vehicles, comprising the 2A8IT Main Battle Tank (MBT) and various engineering vehicles based on the same platform.

Could this be the end of suffering for Italy Ground tree? If added to game, it should easily push 12 BR, as it’s already “better” than newly added Leo 2A7.

Would you like to have Leo 2A8IT In War Thunder near future?

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I think we will get 2A7HU first for the Hungarian branch, which is in service already, but as Italian Leo arrives to Army, it can be added too, but I don’t think it will be that soon.


Same, it’s a long run, but necessary because Italy is significantly left behind with Leclerc,



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At the moment, German players still don’t get his D-tech armor (gaijin is too lazy), and I hope we can work together to complete the Leopard II armor stats, so that the Italian tech tree can get the Leopard 2 A7HU and have better armor


I find it funny how Sweden and Italy are in a similar situation. Germany really exported the shit out of the Leopard.