A drone and its functionality on the battlefield

With the recent arrival of drones on the battlefield, some experienced players have become even stronger by using the wide field of vision to their own advantage in combat !

We have some mechanics that have been given to drones such as: marking for allied teams, a wide view of the field, and the possibility (on rare occasions) of breaking helicopter blades (try this, it’s fun).

However, the kills and markings are not properly credited to the player as they should be!

We spot enemies for the allied team, but we don’t earn any achievements that could be called “Drone Eagle.”

The reward for this achievement would be something between a normal spot given by a reconnaissance tank with pauses between 1 minute to 2 so that there is no deliberate farm of the same.

Already what you shoot down a helicopter with your drone the achievement could be called Kamikaze in reference to you being your own ammunition (Japanese and their samurai soul :)

The reward for this achievement could be between 1,000 lions or 15,000 we do not know how common it will be after added

Well, this is a suggestion to provide more significant support using drones for the allied team! Strengthening their use in matches more and more, greatly reducing the deaths of some allies and consequently benefiting the player who takes pride in helping their team in some way.

Please! Give your opinion on this topic. I’m a player who loves supporting the team with my own drone, marking enemies near allies so they have the chance to take action when they know the enemy’s position.

This will lead to even more cooperation among allies on the battlefield!

I think scout drones are cheap, no risk, and game breaking. Most matches above 9.0 I can normally see 2 to 3 of these flying around unimpeded. I have seen these drones be hit with everything from a 7.62 all the way up to a SAM missile and keep flying like nothing happened. The damage model on these drones is way too strong and their composite bodies should be blown apart with any damage. The flight model on these drones is insane, do these plastic planes not have any wing loading limits? They are extremely unrealistic as a tank commander cannot perform his assigned task and control a drone at the same time. It gives the player using the drone an unfair advantage over his opponents. Killing a scout drone only levels the playing field, you do not actually harm the player using the scout drone. Most players choose to ignore these drones because they know how fruitless it is to fight these drones. I do not like being forced into counterplay against scout drones every match and I almost quit the game after their introduction. I grow tired of doing everything right to have a scout drone circle above me and constantly ping my location to the entire enemy team. I feel it’s not fair to players like me who play correctly to get screwed over constantly by this cheap mechanic. Bring back scouting like it was before drones were introduced where the player doing the scouting had some risk involved, instead of being completely detached from the battlefield. As far as I know drones cannot fly forever in real life. The battles in War Thunder last minutes and I believe the best solution to scout drones would be to limit fly time of the scout drone to a couple of minutes before its battery runs out and it falls out of the sky. That way the drone user has to become an active participant in the battle again. At least they will have to come to a cap circle to reload their drone once expelled. If drones had a battery life on them and could only be flown for a limited amount of time then I would be okay for the scouting mechanic on them to become a little stronger. But right now, in their current form, I wish Gaijin would have never added this gimmicky mechanic, that seems to only appeal to players who want to hide in safety in the back of the battle while ruining the game for another player when they decide to circle them and keep them spotted while having zero risk and zero consequences to the drone operator.


the drons are way to resilant.

I shoot with Roland missles at them and they tank the hits no problem or rathe rteh proxy fuse is not doing any demage. I had encounters where 4 roland shoots didi absolutly nothing to a drone.

Even MG fier is doing nothing. The demage model should be taken a look at of said drones.
What even more disturbs me is because of the BR rating of some IFV´s you got now drones in ww2 settings. Very bad for imersion.

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Indeed, the damage model for drones is really wrong. But the best way to combat them is by using proximity ammunition!

I understand your concern about this, but this is the battlefield that is coming into our hands, and what we can do is adapt ourselves, just as it happens in other games where there’s an operator for every type of job.

It wouldn’t hurt to introduce an anti-aircraft unit or reconnaissance vehicle that uses proximity ammunition to clear the skies of drones.

What makes something extremely strong is the enemy who refuses to combat the threat!

In my matches, I don’t see players committed to marking enemies with their drones because there’s no reward for doing so.

A good example is the new module systems within Russian tanks, where the ammunition module is protecting the ammunition itself like an additional layer of spall liner. This has consequently significantly increased the survival of Russian and Chinese tanks.

You learn to fight the right way, but refusing, even knowing how, to give a chance to strengthen your defeat further.

As mentioned in the previous response, this is indeed a problem that should be listened to and resolved. However, bringing up this issue in the current topic may not be the best way to be heard. It could cause people to ignore the current suggestion and focus instead on something that could be addressed more effectively in a new topic specifically highlighting the error.

Excuse me? I have almost 60k battles, and top the leaderboard most battles. I am not some noob crying about a mechanic that I do not understand. I’m honestly offended that you think you needed to tell me how to fight drones. The problem is fighting them will become a full-time job, as they are in every battle rank 6 and up. It is not fun or rewarding to fight scout drones and often fruitless as you watch them fly off after receiving a hit. If it was up to me, I would completely remove them from the game.

I do not use them. I do not like them. They are game breaking. Remove them.

Do you feel offended by my suggestion on the best way to combat drones because of their broken hit system?

You present a problem in a topic where it doesn’t belong, and I present you with the best way to work around this problem while waiting for Gaijin to provide a solution (thus helping you in the process).

Whether you have 60,000 battles or not doesn’t matter. You are being ignorant by refusing to learn and to improve your ability to fight, which would increase your team’s efficiency and, consequently, the amount of EXP and Lions you would earn in the match since shooting down drones gives you rewards, and they are not replenished by the user even at an allied flag.

It’s incomprehensible to play the victim for something avoidable in a topic and still receive help from the author.

Like it or not, it is a system implemented by Gaijin, and combating it will earn you rewards. Ignoring it and dying because of it by not using the best current method to take down a drone while the hitbox is not fixed is simply ignorance on your part, even after 60,000 battles.

Meanwhile, drone operators receive nothing for spotting enemies for their allies outside their squad in the match.

I do not need your help. I did not ask for help. You wanted opinions, and you got mine. Like it or not, going back and forth with me will only derail your post.

You made it clear that you didn’t know the best way to combat drones because of the hitbox issue, and I only informed you about it, but you got offended.

A player with 60,000 matches wouldn’t get irritated by a drone that can be easily shot down with proximity ammunition.

Unfortunately, you were the one who derailed the post by bringing up problems that would be better discussed and noticed by Gaijin in another topic created by you or others.

You came and completely took the focus away. You would have been more helpful without commenting on a suggestion for drone operator rewards.

What you think should be resolved as soon as possible should be discussed in a topic where you are the author. But that wouldn’t work since you would feel “offended” if another player gave the same option I gave you to combat drones, all because of your 60,000 matches that inflate the ego of players when they see a player with 4,000 to 10,000 matches (if that’s possible) giving a suggestion to an OLDSCHOOL player.

Quote me where I said I did not know how to combat drones. I can wait… Maybe it is you who does not understand the context of my post.

The main balancing factor of scout drones currently is the lack of rewards tied directly to their use.

If rewards were provided there would need to be limitations put on their usage, I prefer the current system which rewards their tactical use by players with indirect rewards such as scouting and kills.