A couple of things that really need fixed ASAP

This needs to stop, and it needs corrected ASAP. Realistically destroying a vehicle with a shot down the barrel does not happen if at all. This is quite present in the game and corrected. Another thing I noticed is that the breach of the gun gets knocked out every time the turret takes a hit putting the player at a disadvantage. This usually does not happen unless the turret is destroyed during combat.

That just means that the person who shot you hit your breech as well, it doesn’t happen all the time too.

Realistically, any shot that penetrates the tank, especially the crew compartment, would put it out of action.

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very true. how ever what I’m describing happens almost every game. sometimes multiple time per game. This has been my observation. Please note… with this new update it appears they have seemed to have fixed the problem somewhat.

Shooting another tank from a long range with a hole in one shot otherwise know as a shot down the barrel is NOT very realistic. Now what is realistic is the flowering of the barrel caused by over pressure in the breech of the gun due to wrong charge type or faulty shells.