A cool game adition

I had an idea with a buddy of mine the other day, about how on big maps like Sinai, or the larger terrain maps, like the recent changes to the Tunisia maps, if people are sniping, we should be able to call in a “ammo drop” for like, 200 spawn points or something, it would be really nice especially on the two cap missions, cause if you run out of ammo, you have to go all the way back to your point to refill, then probably die on the way which can get really annoying cause your team will just take your spot or something, let me know your thoughts :)


The caps being primary ammo resupplies help the capbpoints be a more worthwhile objective to play. They are going to be adding special ammo areas for SPAA, but I’m personally not sure exactly how they plan on the implementation. If you’re going to be in one of those games, just take a few more rounds.

I do, But i tend to miss a lot of shots haha, my aim is shit lmao, especially with laser range finders if im stupid enough, it still would be nice without having to lose your juicy spot

If you called in an ammo drop, you’d give away your position though, double edged sword.

I think this is kinda coming in a future update. At least something was semi like this on the road map.

Though it’s an interesting idea to call in parachute drop.

I also thought that we should get some helis with the ability to land ans resupply teammates would be an interesting mechanic like the blackhawk recently added

Or even planes like the AC130, or just other big planes that can carry cargo. One could shoot down the enemy plane if they want to or not, would be interesting. I find ground battles are just like air right now, repetitive, you go in, drive to battle get a couple kills and possibly die, same goes for CAS, I think there should be more stuff to keep us un-bored like you said with the helicopter’s and what not.

Lately I’ve often run into ammunition shortages. Something needs to be done about that. After all, as a player you have to find the fine line between having enough ammunition and not too much to avoid ending up in orbit …
… as this nice Tiger P driver shows