A can't sell the mirage coupon on the Gaijin market

It is normal? another one with the same problem?

Did you get the coupon upgrade from the 10th mark of distinction?

Yes mate o7

All the stars here

Just wait, last time i had the same issues when selling the coupons, they disappeared and had to wait till Monday in order to sell them.

Which is lame i know…

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Damn… Thx for your answer bro, i gonna wait :)

This game is always a disappointment in any field ahahaha


You can however submit a ticket.
That’s what i did last time though, but the problem was fixed before they even replied so… yeah.

Good luck!

I have the same. I can’t sell my Mirage. Same problem as Zero.

The Mirage has already hit it’s stabilised price, looking at the supply and demand. Enjoy your 22GJN when you sell it.

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To everyone, the problem is fixed for me, i can sell it!

Thx for all answer

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lol 22 GJN. Yeah, I wasted my time doing this event…
btw, my coupon “will be available to sell in the marketplace in 6hr”
and the Vilkas in 8 hours.

(but with these prices I’m having second thoughts on both)

For me it’s 1 day and 11 hours :)))

Massive L to the people who bought 10K GE to pay their way through the stars for it.

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Sold it!
Just earned enough to buy the Russian MBR floatplane, so I’m happy.
Next up… Selling the Mississipi.

Just wait and don’t sell it early if you want to get more.

i won’t lie i do rush selling it but ideally its better off waiting a month at least.

Hey, I got the plane for “free”, so any credits are ok with me.
Had to play for it, but luckily those 2 weeks are my christmas holiday from school.
Lot’s of time to get both plane and ship.

I don’t know about that if I was swimming in millions of yuros

Being the first event vehicle that’s actually good without being gimped in a major fashion, this one will remain cheap for a good long while thanks to popularity and it being a star event.

I have the same issue, I got the tradeable coupon and already waited the time lock but still can’t sell it

Exactly the reason why i didnt bothered with the event as its cheaper to buy the vehicles off market than spend 50€ per each using 10k GE. This way i get both or nearly all three for price of one using GE.