A big issue in naval battles not talked about

Ok so let’s ignore the usual issues talked about like low RP rewards, bots, compression of BRs, and so on and so forth. In my experience, these ‘issues’ exist, but are greatly exaggerated by non-naval players.

So that brings me to one thing I haven’t seen discussed about yet, and that is CREW POINT REWARDS. I have been grinding out in Italian bluewater for the past few days, raking in almost 1 million SL (in non-premiums but with premium account), and grinding out all of Italian tier III and IV. Despite this, I have noticed I have been getting dry numbers regarding crew points, and with how important crew levels are in general, these are important ESPECIALLY IN NAVAL.

Anyone else agree or am I just rambling like a lunatic?

How are the rp rewards? Rp is what gets you crew skill, not sl. I would not be surprised if crew skills were a slow grind in naval. They dont seem very fast in ground either

With a premium account I don’t really feel encumbered compared to ground battles. Ground battles require a lot more effort to actually gain RP, plus some battles are very long, and despite that the RP I get from those battles are pretty underwhelming and in hind sight would’ve been better to die once or twice, leave the game, then head into a fresh battle instead of enduring an entire match. Pretty much RP wise it seems like GFRB<NAVAL<AIR. All of this accounted for with a premium account.

EDIT: battles as in top tier.

Its a grind just the same as other game modes in my opinion. I decided to grind out the British coastal and wanted to see if I could level the crews of three boats comfortably. It’s taking longer than I thought, but they are tech tree ships.

This explains how it works:
Research Points - War Thunder Wiki

Crew Experience Points are calculated based on research points for the
different battle modes as follows:
In Arcade battles - 30 experience points for 1,000 RP
In Realistic battles - 11.3 experience points for 1,000 RP
In Simulator battles - 9 experience points for 1,000 RP