A-A Missiles Have No Fragmentation/Shrapnel After Hit

I just noticed recently that when using the armour penetration indicator in the hangar, I tried to see what happened when R27ER1 hit my own J11 and saw that when it hit the engine, it just made the one engine and the area black and did not affect any other parts of the aircraft.
This includes the other engine right next to it and the elevator/rudder of J11. I tried the same thing with my FGR.2 in the hangar, and it did the same thing (only the area hit Directly by the missile was destroyed; the engine next to it was not).
I tried with my friends in the customs, and when my R73E hit, it only damaged the parts it hit (like the elevator/rudder only, with no fragmentation/shrapnel to the engine or fuel tank); it still can destroy an aircraft, but most of the time it’s just Severe damage. I don’t know if only some of my friends and I noticed/were affected by this, and I have no idea if this happened in a real battle.

Thanks for reading this!