A-6e tram loadout update

Was watching a video on aviation scenes that annoy me on youtube, and one of them is how in one of the movies they used TRAMs instead of F14 Tomcats, which got me thinking about the TRAM abilities and what it can carry.
These are from the TRAM manual and what it can carry from 1994/95
Up in the top right it is saying it can carry

  1. AGM-45 (Shrike) - Which are anti-radiation missile designed to home in on hostile anti-aircraft radar.
  2. AGM-65E/AGM-65F - Both that are IR or Laser designated
  3. AGM-84 (Harpoon) - subsonic antiship cruise missile which I think would be great for SIM.

Why the tram was only given what it seems the bare minimum is a little annoying because its super capable in Sim games, but hopefully these additions it makes it that much better.

No form of HARM missiles have been added to the game yet, though they are a highly requested feature. The biggest issue is they are best used against large, static radars and less so the portable ones we have in game.

Yeah, lots of calls for more AGM-65 types, with different seeker heads, would be good to see, a lot of aircraft could recieve those, though to what degree they’d be of use is beyond my knowledge.

Yeah, there is a chronic lack of ASMs in game. With the only aircraft (that I know of the top of my head that has them) is the Tornado MFG. Many aircraft are missing them or could be upgrade with them, even all the other Tornado IDS aircraft we have in-game could be outfitted with ASMs as well. A lot of debate about how useful they’d be, but in SB i’d love to have them as we do actually have naval targets

No clue why laser guided mavericks haven’t been added already

What you quote are stores that could be carried after the WCSI and later SWIP upgrades. The A-6E version we have in the game however is the “original” TRAM version before those two upgrades.

As to the the Shrike, well, we don’t have this class of weapon (yet) in WT.

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I get it, but then give us the later variant of the tram, or at minimum let us have the ability to run AGMs. At least in sim, it would make the tram so much more useful.

Or give us the modification to upgrade the tram to open the use of them up.

I feel like in sim than we should maybe see change, and have designated missions that might be bombing radar stations etc. Would be nice to see Sims get a little more tactical than just how it stands.

I can live without above and the harpoon for now.

If war thunder doesn’t want to give us another variant of the Tram, thats fine, than give us the ability to update the air frame and its abilities in the modifications and just make it researchable.

What is the difference than from what we have as of now? Is it different radar? I just don’t see how (at least in the game) how we couldnt at least get the laser guided AGMs? If we already have laser guided munitions.

Yeah, I totally agree

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That is a thread I have going on improvements for SB, I really need to update it, I’ve had some more ideas since I wrote it

It IS a different (or two different) version! Like the difference between the Tornado IDS MFG (event) and The ASSTA1 (tech tree).

Hopefully, more Intruder versions could be added, both before and after the TRAM (so without guided munitions and with additional weaponry as described by OP).

We’'ll see, I saw there was an bigger map suggestion for Air Sim, not sure how I feel about it. I get they are different, but I don’t see us getting more Intruder variants unfortunately… mainly because I think if they cared we would have gotten one in the Tech tree. Its been over a year and we’ve not even heard a word about bringing another one in… with the a10 it was almost immediate that we got the pair, the early and late, as much as I don’t wanna admit it, I think Gaijin has all but forgot about this…