A 60 meter multipath is a disaster

You can try going to sea level. A multipath of 60 meters is very low and difficult to achieve. When placed on land, your aircraft must fly lower than trees to achieve it. Alternatively, if you fly high and maneuver to dodge missiles, your maneuvers may not be able to dodge them, and your aircraft will lose speed. If someone launches an infrared missile, you will not be able to dodge it. As long as the top infrared missile is fired at you from the tail, you will definitely die.




The top ARB rooms nowadays no longer have dogfights because missiles are easier to kill enemies.


It wouldn’t be an issue in a lobby of max 6v6 where you could employ proper defensive tactics.
Reducing multipath is a good step towards balanced gameplay, where it removes crutches from zombers and top tier premiumtards. Flying low should not be a free get out of jail card and I hope it stays.

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Compare which aircraft has better missile performance between the two sides,
Having more missiles,
And missiles have become easier to kill enemies,
This is the imbalance.

We simply need the wacky object scaling on Air maps fixed, be that trees, buildings, or whatever else. It’s always been a pretty serious issue, and hopefully this pushes them to finally fix this stuff.

Or,we need 10v10 permanently from 9.0+ So you dont run out of chaff while defending.

Either Lesser player matches (Current join less player option is as useless as laser range finders on Missile only SPAA), Or increase Multipathing back to 100m