A-4H Ayit HUD Sight

Ayit’s aim is bugged, the shot is central but there is no crosshair on the hud

Because you’re out of ammo.

That’s not the reason. It doesn’t work even with full ammo.

Gaijin does not do HUDs very well. For example, with the F-16 the gun cross is at the top not left of center. In fact with all top tier American jets the gun cross is at the top with the exception of the F-14. The premium American Harrier has a Russian HUD ffs. Expecting them to get the A-4’s HUD right is asking for miracles even God can’t perform.

Nope it is the British one, witch is normal.

On the other hand I agree, the HUDs are mostly bad or clearly incorrect

Known bug.


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A year old issue :facepalm:


Yeah less than ideal I’ll admit.

By the way, why do some reports go unnoticed and some noticeable after a few months?

Volume, the sheer number of reports is eye watering. And its not all bugs, some is just huge numbers of suggestions.


I didn’t know that. Thanks.

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For context, the text on the multi-function menu to close bomb doors says, “Open Bomb Doors”.

It has been this way for 3 years.