A-10C come to war thunder

The F-4E, despite not being a dedicated CAS aircraft, out-CASes most CAS.

That being said, the A-10C could make a great 11.7/12.0 A/G CAS with its expansive ordinance similar to a more heavily armed GR7.
Or it could be higher with JAGM-F more like the Su-25SM3, though I haven’t found any info if the A-10 has actually been qualified with the JAGM, and it would likely be a significantly higher BR because of how many missiles it can purportedly carry (16 vs 4 Kh-38s). Or similarly high BR with SDBs if Gaijin adds glide bombs.

@sartt quick question, if the turret ring gets fixed and becomes volumetric would it fix the big weak spot on the abrams or not.

it would fix it to a certain extent. IFVs wouldn’t be able to LOL pen it nor would ww2 vehicles.

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Well the idea is to make a a high tier attack jet for US. (along side with the harrier).it’s just an A-10 with targeting pods, more laser guided weapons, aim-9Ms,and better survivability