A-10C come to war thunder

The meaning in dictionary means jackshit when you look at the real world use.

Can’t wait to face 9Ms in a 10.0!


As long as it is an american aircraft no one is allowed to cry about it.


Totally untouchable, totally!

Don’t know what you’re referencing

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Like what?

Best 10.X br Cas> A10 Late and A6E tram

Best 11.0>F-4E

Best 12.0>F-14B

The plane that destroyed matchmaking for half a year while being unmatched because of a garbage american propoganda movie>F-14A
Best overall 12.7>F-16C after the many nerfs to Gripen

F-5E that remains at 10.7 with unrealistic broken flight model, stomping everything but staying at 10.7 because of skill issued american mains


Missing LITENING TGP & SALH ordnance

No Tech Tree variant

Missing LD/SD capably conferred by ASX-1 TISEO, AIM-9P-4, AVQ-23 Pave Spike , AVQ-26 and SALH ordnance.

AWG-9 TWS > AIM-54 Datalink does not restore if track lost, AXX-1 TCS doesn’t do anything, Flaps and Slats functional regime is wrong, etc.

Could be much improved, don’t know why they did not add an earlier F-16C(probably due to the presence of HMD).

Because they rely on Soviet manuals, not the US one(s) that are available.

What is the law of large numbers, for 500; Alex?


Mig-21SMT-clubbed everything on its sight with R-60.

Mig-21Bis-did the same thing while having unrealistic flight model and engine performance.

Mig-23MLD-Also clubbed everything on its sight while USA had to stick with F-4J.

Mig-27K was the best CAS jet until F-16 introduced and even then Su-25M3 took the crown again.

Mi-28,Ka-50/52 are still best helicopters in terms of multirole engagements and annihilated everything on their sight.

Mig-29 with R-27ER made almost impossible to fly at high altitude.

Certain nation always get better treatment with every different update, this not something special to Usa or any other nation.

But ignoring all those facts while focusing on only USA stuff is quite hypocritical.


It was already imposible with F-14A, MIG-29 didnt change shit.

Didn’t have top tier then. Cannot comment. My first proper top tier is MLD 1 month before F-14A release, then F-14A

İmagine comparing nerfed Aim-54 to R-27ER…

Well most of us did saw what that happened, even if you didnt experienced from first hand you can always check the footages or previous threads for that.

MLD was so strong that Gaijin refused to give R-60M for a quite good time, thats how broken it was.

Anyway as i said before every patch favors certain nation, this is quite common knowledge at this rate.


AIM-7F with PD radar was unmatched back then. Who ever said AIM-54? Back then MIG-23 in MTI mode locked chaff at 1st chaff launch as well. AIM-7F didnt have the drag nerf, and it was unmatched. F-14 was literally stomping everything. Stomping, not just being better, but stomping like bugs.

Nice try.

It’s not as bad as you are making out

At least there was no IR AIM-7F variant with a ridiculous 10km All Aspect lock range that would easily dumpster people from across the map.

you can 1 tap flare R-24T at 10 KM, skill issue

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MIG-29 didnt exist when F-14A reigned supreme for 5-6 months.

the disrespect to the hog!!

I guess A-10C (2022) could be BR at 12.3 or 12.7 (Air AB, Air RB & Air SB) but 13.3 for ground RB

A-10C at 11.7 or 12.0 BR (Air AB, Air RB & Air SB) and 12.3 (Ground RB)

you seem to be playing warthunder through rose tinted lenses

You getting killed by F4Es? L O L
The F-14b is sitting at 12.0 using aim 9Ls are you really dying to AIM 9ls still?


No one even flies this plane anymore.


You will then, know TRUE SUFFEERING!

The F-4E, despite not being a dedicated CAS aircraft, out-CASes most CAS.

That being said, the A-10C could make a great 11.7/12.0 A/G CAS with its expansive ordinance similar to a more heavily armed GR7.
Or it could be higher with JAGM-F more like the Su-25SM3, though I haven’t found any info if the A-10 has actually been qualified with the JAGM, and it would likely be a significantly higher BR because of how many missiles it can purportedly carry (16 vs 4 Kh-38s). Or similarly high BR with SDBs if Gaijin adds glide bombs.