A-10C come to war thunder

We all know and love the A-10A and A-10A Late. But the attackers just stop. Now i think we should add more USA Attackers Like the A-10C and the A-10B.

The A-10C will have some characteristics of the A-10A (Speed, Hard points, NVD, ETC). But the A-10c will have 4x AIM-9Ms and maybe even more flares. One of the bigger changes is that it has more precision weapons and a new cockpit

The A-10B is the Twin seat version that will be a backup for the A-10A late or be a premium with the A-10A. The Missiles are the AIM-9Ls so maybe it will sit at the BR of 11.0 but it’s up to all up to you


Why do people want an aircraft that is outperformed by every multirole counterpart in service, if i was chosen to fly an A-10 in the US air force i would just up and leave


It’s not always about performance, it’s also about having fun and someone playing their favourite vehicle.


It has less to do with performance in game, people want military aircraft to be present in War Thunder. Why be so restrictive based on meta?

If an F-16 pilot wanted to fly the A-10, I’m sure there are a good amount of others that would jump on the opportunity.

Besides, you don't have a choice



“how could someone possibly enjoy something without it being blatantly game breakingly overpowered? this makes no sense”


There is 3 good counter arguments to that.

I suppose technically the US actually has no good CAS aircraft at or around 11.3. Whilst they have good (maybe even the best) CAS at 12+ with strong multirole abilities. They do have to “uptier” their 11.3 line-up. This is a minor impact currently, but if we get a decompression Soon™ then this could have a more major impact and leave the US at a disadvantage.

I already reguarly play the Tornado Gr1 and not run the Harrier Gr7 or Gripen C in purely 11.3 line-ups so that downtiers are possible (and reasonably common). Even though both are vastly superior in the current atmosphere of GRB.

Because why not?

If the argument to not add the A-10C is purely because there is better. Then we should never add anything. The Gripen C is likely going to be a lot better than both the SHar and F3, and yet I want to play the SHar and F3 far far more than the Gripen. Same can be said for the A-10. There are plenty of reasons to want a perticular aircraft. even if its at a disadvantage (though the A-10 will be at no greater advantage or disadvantage than many 11.3/11.7 CAS)


Many nations have got good 11.3 CAS, this is one area that the US is weaker at. Even the USSR has what 3 different different Su-25 Variants for this gap, but the closest equivalent to the Su-25, the A-10, has none

well war thunder dose has a lot of SU-25s so I think it’s time for the A-10s to even the numbers


And you would be arrested for treason.

I’d recommend go learn why its been in service for this long and the role it serves.

Whilst im constantly annoyed by how many aircraft the US gets. I am surprised they’ve not gotten an equal to the Su-39/Su-25T in the form of a later A-10


because, it isnt. The weapons on the A-10c and its electronics allow you to destroy things from 7 miles away.

the A-10C woulld be untouchable, and its missiles would break the game, of course gaijin would just nerf it like they dod everything else on the u.s tech tree.

KH-38s already allow the Su-25SM3 to be untouchable


I guess A-10C equipped targeting pod AN/AAQ-28(V)4 Litening AT or AN/AAQ-28(V)8 Litening G4 or AN/AAQ-33(V)1 Sniper ATP

yeah and that why i really only play 6.7 7.0 matches now

You’d only be sent vs dudes in sandals using AKs, that’s how good the A-10 is. Murika fuk ye

16x SDB-1, -II or AGM-187A + 28x AGR-20A & -20B, AN/AAQ-33(ATP), 2x AIM-9X & HMD doesn’t seem so bad. And that ignores various CBUs like the -103 and -105

A-10C_ BRU-61A w GBU-39_SDB

The entire point of the A-10 is Convoy interdiction and CAS


*Close air support against AK-47s and DSHK Toyota trucks

With AIM-9X/R-74M even a I-15 will be good if its 10.7


You might want to look up the definition of interdiction

Also the large number of CMs and access to the MJU-50 Covert Flare (no Signature in the visible band) solves the IR SAM problem, and the ALQ-131 or -184 help with Radar SAMs.

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