A-10, huh, yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again, y'all


This will likely be deleted, however just skip to the end for Itemized list.

This update destroyed the A-10.
-Bigger maps 40+Km to the front! That is 8+ min flight time! (I dare any of you to TRY the A-10 now, you will not enjoy it) BTW, that means FAST planes like Mig21 and A5c can get behind you far before you get to the ground targets (AIR REAL BATTLES)
-Longer base respawns 3+Min (F111 cleans bases and you have to wait for them to respawn (Spoiler they won’t)
Its near impossible to even get points. Please I beg of you, I bought A-10s for my entire wing and you have made them unplayable now.
You killed the A-10 in Air… You know the plane, that flies, In an Aircraft game, but can’t be used in Air Battles…
People say “Its meant for Ground RB” 1. Its super hard to get in RB. 2. RB does NOT want more CAS. 3. It moves at 500KmH… ALL AA crush it! 4. If its GROUND only then it should say that, its not a real plane, its not a plane at all, remove it from aircraft and put it in Army. Its a support Tank.

What can you do?
*Give the A-10 an Air-spawn
*15km ahead, at the FOB
*Give the Pylons back the missing 2 Aim9-L missiles you took off
*Lower its BR so it doesn’t get killed 15Km from the front

I only dream you consider the thousands of A-10 buyers, your paying customers.
I hope the song is stuck in your head.
For Title Click Bait. https://youtu.be/gKAM1NfMXY8?si=CvI9o-K_51IhB6Oz


Lowering its br and giving it aditional missles is a terible idea

Its hard enough playing sub sonic with no countermeasures when the Su25 and A10 have 2 missles


Tbh, A-10 is good, when player use his brain,… you can’t just enter a fight and say everyone is my kills.

You have to think, to plan, to know what your aircraft can, or can’t do.


Base respawns are faster not longer.
A-10 with airspawn would finish the match in 90 seconds.

its good for getting free kills in my a5c

the poster seemed like they got mad when they found out the a10 is horrible in air rb.


To be honest i moslty used my A-10 Late as a fighter and it was pretty ok, considering that i hit 2.5 KD on this plane ^^"

you must be better than the average a10 user.

I am actually sick of reading such and other posts with the baseline:

  1. I can’'t kill bases in Air RB
  2. My plane is too slow / base respawn is too slow
  3. I got killed before i got a base

Don’t get me wrong, we can talk about total number, distribution and location of classic ground targets, but a short reminder:

Air RB is called Air Realistic Battles

and not

Air RB - grinding tool for non pilots with useless (regarding match result) base bombing

It is extremely disappointing to see that almost entire lobbies focus on this stupid “base bombing to grind” approach instead of playing the game. If you fly a strike aircraft you trade speed for ground attack capabilities - if own fighters use their speed for basebombing they sacrifice speed and positioning and both have zero impact on the match result.

Air RB is ruined by this grinding mentality.


Easy. You have time to watch the F-111s and harriers get shot down, see where the main fight is, and plan your route to avoid it. You can also give players a nasty surprise when they try to turn with you. There’s a reason why no one wanted to get into a turning fight with an A-10 IRL. The A-10 wins every time.

Also, the A-10 isn’t a typical “base bomber”, but a CAS aircraft and tank hunter.

RB probably also isn’t the best place for that, but in Sim, it really excels at that, and by a large margin…

Its feasible in RB when every aircrafts have gone for reload

Using AGM-65 for long range shots until this is done

Slow dedicated cas aircraft not good in an air superiority gamemode, news at 11


Oh, sorry did you meant that i know i’m not fast, and that i’m not going to fight vertical fights because hey i’m slow and have not a lot of Engine power compared to my mass?

The aircraft is a beast at turnfight : YES, if you’re going downard or fighting at level flight.

I’ve seen too many A-10’s trying to catch my Mirage 5F in climb AAM//Gun shots,… they loose so many energy that coming back at them is nearly guaranteeing a freekill.

The problem of the aircraft, is not the aircraft, which is basically OP for it’s BR,… but players that are using such aircraft so wrongly that it is impossible for Gaijin to put it higher than Current BR.

If I may give you a tip:
Take 2-4 AIM-9L, 6 AGM, 4 2,000 lb bombs - if there is a base you can use these bombs so they are nice to have but in any other situation you should drop them before you wait …
When you enter the battlefield, activate auto-flare, try to attack as many ground targets as possible - if someone tries to kill you, use your AIM-9L or GAU - but don’t chase him if he escapes the fight …

Your priority are the ground targets.

The AGM will give you 4 till 6 Ground-Unit Kills …

The GAU is the most important weapon - realy short bursts

… sure - there is no guarantee, but if your team don’t loose instant, you have realy good chances too have fun with the Warthhog (Tech-Tree and Premium-Version)


cant wait to see A-10A early move up to higher BR even more with current loadouts for saving 9.0BR jets

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Dat, also in Sim EC, but there I swap the Mk.84’s with the Mk.82’s.

  1. AGM’s to get rid of the (in Sim EC dangerous) SPAAG threat
  2. Bombs and Gun against gun emplacements and tanks

When I get the itch for it, I pull out mine and hit convoys and stuff(Mostly because everyone and their mother rushes bases) and get plenty of SL that way. Good RP too

What the hell are you even talking about? :S lol

Yes and no.
You are making it yourself way too easy here.
The mode is horrible for normal A10 players, I am talking about the regular players, not the ultra pros.
The A10 is slow as hell, making it one of the last planes, if not the last one to reach the battleground.
IF you manage to survive because in most matches there are one or two players that love to fly around with their supersonic jets and hunt A10 from behind.
Also if you manage to survive most of the targets are already destroyed, be it bases or ground targets.
When you get into a dogfight with a plane, your AIM-9L is mostly useless, if the enemy player has some awareness or a few flares.
Also to have the chance in the fight you have to drop your payload so you can manoeuvre somewhat, making your plane almost useless, since you are not only dropping your means to help the team, but also you are wasting money.
Not to mention how many times I had fights where the enemy plane had survived several hits from the 30mm Gatling, no matter which ammo belt I was using.

Please don’t get me wrong, I know the A-10 isn’t some miracle plane that can do anything or is perfect.
It has many flaws and yes I am at best an average plane player.
But it destroys all the fun I have in the game and it makes me want to deinstall it.
Especially if I have a good game, and with a good game I mean, I can get to the middle of the battle and kill some ground targets and maaaaaaaaybe one enemy, this plane makes a lot of fun.

I wish there would be a mode for planes like we have for chopper, that would be fun!