A-10, huh, yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again, y'all


I mean you talk about a highly specialized aircraft optimized for ground attacks not really suited for a mode which at least in theory is about aerial warfare as whole - delete the AAMs out of your text and you can replace the A-10 with the Hs 129 (aka “Duck”).

For guys willing to contribute with PvE in Air RB i placed this:

So with some changes gaijin could ensure that strike fighters could influence the match result whilst being not playing the role of an easy victim.

I am also not a fan of this stupid and boring map design which allows enemies to locate you just by watching own units to disappear from the map.

And regarding fighters going for rather ez kills of strike aircraft - you have them in all BRs, either really good or really bad pilots; for the first group you are just kill #1, for the second group often the only chance to score a kill.

I am sorry to read this - my post was aimed solely at pure base bombing grinders.

For player which play for fun only - i fully support this. A special PvE mode for high tier strike fighters tailored for players which have fun in tank busting might be suited to use them in their intended roles and to avoid being easy victim for PvP players…

then dont kill bases but focus on ground targets which eat tickets like crazy. You are literally flying a CAS aircraft like su25, dont expect it to perform good in air battles against fighters and interceptors

Su-25 can surprise dedicated fighters with surprising sustained turn rate. Especially with careful flap usage. Nobody with 2 brain cells turns with an A-10 (so it happens all the bloody time).

I’m currently grinding upgrades on Su-25 from tech tree, and the experience is a million times nicer than my A-10 Late experience. Even with R-60M vs AIM-9L.

I’ve even surprised people frontally by popping them with distance fused S-25O rockets. Su-25 is objectively stronger for ARB now.

su25 might be little better in arb but a10 is better in grb
anyways in arb both are free kills for the enemy

The difference between the A-10 and Su-25 damage models is absolutely ludicrous.