A-10 cannot drop bombs after last Maverick has been launched?

This has been happening for months. Is it just my set up or a legit bug?

Here’s how it goes. I have a loudout with 6 mavs, rockets, 2x2000lb bombs under the belly, and 4 AIM-9’s.

If I fire 5 of the mavs, which I have to do using the weapons selection hotkey, then I can disable the weapon selection and go back to pressing ‘r’ for rockets, ‘space’ for bombs etc.

If I fire all 6 of my mavs, the ‘lock’ will remain on the last spot on the map, and whilst I can go back out of weapon selection mode and use ‘r’ for rockets, and fire my AIM-9s just fine, when I try to drop my bombs, either using ‘space’ or using the weapon selection mode, I this message instead;

“Bomb release permission”


To add to the frustration, the last mav lock remains visible in 3rd person mode just to clutter my screen up, and because I’ve fired the last mav, I can no longer go back into the camera screen and turn off the lock.

Anyone else have this problem? Should this be a bug report?

So what your issue is that when using the mavericks is that you are setting a targeting point, think of it as another system like the CCIP for the bombs however instead of telling you where it lands it will set a drop point for you to drop the bombs, once you reach a the vicinity to where the bomb would land in that area, all you need to do is set a binding to disable bombing point and it will go back to normal, it’s not really that useful since it’s less accurate that a CCIP which is why you never seen anyone use it intentionally. (My description might not have been perfect to describe it since I never use it as well but hopefully you get the idea)

Ok thanks, any idea what I need to change in the ‘control’ menu to be able to do this?

Bind a key to the “deactivate target point” bind found in the control-aircraft tab.

It can also be accomplished though the multi-function menu under the cockpit tab.

You can tell if it has been disabled by the [CCRP/CCIP] flag reverting to read [CCIP], and the red wireframe square (the target point) & bomb-fall line (and pull up queue) overlay disappearing.

CCRP itself is used set up semi-automatic ordnance release so is useful to have bound

an overview can be found in the following video.

Brilliant, thanks a bunch!