9P162 Kornet-T

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Kornet-T on display

The 9P162 Kornet-T (“Cornet”), NATO-designation AT-14 “Spriggan”, is a Russian ATGM-carrier intentded to replace the ageing 9P148 Konkrus and 9P149 Shturm-S vehicles. History

The initial Kornet-T prototype was completed in 2003 and the first batch of 20 production vehicles was delivered in 2012. The Kornet-T is Based on the BMP-3 AIFV chassis and it therefore similiar to the 9P157 Khrizantema. While the latter has been issued to artillery units, the Kornet-T is being issued to mechanized units.

The Kornet-T can engage tanks, fortifications and low-flying helicopters. it has two single-shot missile launchers: both missiles can be launched against the same target or independently fired against two targets simultaneusly.
The vehicle is fitted with an automatic loader, and a total of 16 9M133 Kornet missiles are carried: 12 are stored in the autoloader and four more are carried inside the hull. This missile carrier can operate around the clock and in adverse weather conditions. While travelling, both launchers are retracted inside the hull.

ATGM platform (about the Kornet missile)

The 9M113 Kornet ATGM, adopted by the Russian Army in 1994, is a multiple purpose missile capable of being launched from varius platforms. it is a fire-and-forget laser-guided missile that has a maximum range of 5.5km (3 miles). The Kornet-EM missile has an extended range of 8km (5 miles). The Kornet-T comes with both tandem and HEAT and termobaric warheads. The tandem HEAT round penetrates up to 1200mm (43.6in) of RHA, sufficent to defeat the latest MBTs.

Furthermore, the 9P162 vehicle can fire a salvo of two missiles in under a second. The first missile is intended to trigger the tank’s active protection sistem (APS), while the second is intended to penetrate the target. If the target MBT lacks in APS, this two-missile salvo markedly increase the probability of the tank destruction. The less powerfull 9M133 Kornet-E export missile saw combact in the Middle East during 2003 invasion of Iraq and the 2006 Lebanon War; additionaly some militias that im not going to specify for obvius reasons managed to disable israeli Merkava IV MBTs.

The 9P162 has welded aluminum alloy armored hull, while the front arc is protected by composite armor. Survivabilty is identical to that of the BMP-3 and provides protection against up to 30mm (1.4in) AP rounds. Add-on ERA packages can further enhance protection.

The vehicle has two-man crew: gunner and driver. The Kornet-T is also fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppresion systems. The vehicle is powered by a 373kW (500 hp) UTD-29 turba-charged diesel engine that generates a top road speed of 72km/h (45mph). The engine can be upgraded to an improved 492kW (660 hp) UTD-32T turbo-charged engine.

The 9P162 is fully amphibious: on water it is propelled by two water-jets, and the vehicle can even fire its missiles while afloat.


Role: ATGM carrier

Origin/Manufacturer : Russia (RUS), Degtyarev plant


  • Main Armament: 16x 9M133 Kornet ATGM (2 ready to fire, 12 inside the autoloader and 2 stored in the hull)
  • Missiles:
    • 9M133
      • Warhead: tandem-cumulative warhead
      • Penetration: 1200mm of RHA
      • Diameter: 15,2 cm
      • Weight: 27kg
      • Lenght: 120 cm
      • Propulsor: solid fuel rocket
      • Range: 8km
      • Guidance: SACLOS
      • Missile guidance time: 35 secs
      • Speed: 250m/s
    • 9M133M-2
      • Warhead: tandem-cumulative warhead
      • Penetration: 1,100-1,300mm of RHA
      • Diameter: 152mm
      • Weight: 31kg
      • Lenght: 120 cm
      • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
      • Range: 8km
      • Guidance: Laser-beam Riding/SALCOS
      • Speed: 300m/s
    • 9M133FM-3
      • Warhead: HE warhead
      • Penetration: 61mm of RHA
      • Diameter: 152mm
      • Weight: 33kg
      • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
      • Range: 10km
      • Guidance: Laser-beam Riding/SALCOS
      • Speed: 300m/s
      • Trigger radius: 4m


  • Weight: 18 tonne (17.7 tons)
  • Lenght: 6.73 m
  • Width: 3.15 m
  • Height: 1.77 m

Mobility :

  • Amphibius
  • Engine: UTD-29 diesel, 373kW
  • Speed:
    • Maximum Speed on road: 70-72km/h (on road)
    • Maximum Speed off-road: 45 km/h
    • Maximum Cross-Country: 35 km/h
    • On water: 10 km/h

Crew (2 member):

  • Commander/Gunner
  • Driver


  • Steel alloy RHA
  • composite
  • NBC protection is collective, with slight overpressure

More Features

  • ATM Alternate Kornet turret: A manned turret with an overhead weapon system (OWS). ATM can mount on a variety of vehicles. It has a dual twin (4-tube) launcher and central module with TV/FLIR sights.
  • PB prototype overhead weapons module: KPB displayed a prototype overhead weapons module to mount on a variety of vehicles (displayed on a HMMWV). It has dual twin (4-tube) launcher, and a central module with TV/FLIR sights and MG. Gallery



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