9M37M’s unrealistically high flare resistance. (On the Strela-10M2)

First off, no I’m not refering to the photo contrast capabilities it has. I’m purely referring to its inability to be flared as a IR guided missile regardless of the target. Game after game, week after week, no matter what aspect I encounter it in, I am completely unable to flare it, regardless of the plan, and regardless of the countermeasure type.
I want to know if anyone else feels it’s too powerful, and what you think is causing this. (So far it just seems that the FOV is too small, and countermeasures don’t appear within the seekers view, just the airframe/engine.
I’ve heard rumors that it has IRCCM in the files, but I don’t know where to look for that. If anyone could help me with this piece of information, it’s much appreciated.

For the time period this missile existed, it seems highly unrealistic for the seeker FOV to be this small, and the flare resistance to be so high.

Now my question to you dear players/readers,
Is the Flare resistance too strong?

  • The flare resistance is too strong.
  • The flare resistance is fine.
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Really interested in seeing what you all think and how your experiences with the missile/spaa system have been. Hope you all have a wonderful day! <3

May i ask how you know they are firing it in the IR seeking mode? I know that I always try to go for optical locks as they work the best.
The missle has gone through some large changes over its life in game. It came into the game with r60-lvl flare resistance. Then it got irccm, to simulate the dual seeker. After that, the irccm got removed with the addition of the optical tracking mode.

I do think the seeker FOV is rather small but i have no idea if it is accurate or not. Optical tracking is sort of broken, both good and bad, right now. I hope they can refine it.

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This still occurs even in poor weather conditions (completely inside a fricken cloud once haha), as well as when I’m in an area with a terrain backdrop. These conditions don’t allow for that type of lock as I’ve been told. Regardless, I was experiencing trouble with the missile before that type of targeting was introduced for it.

I was unaware of this, thank you for letting me know. Do you think it’s possible it accidentally got left in but isn’t displayed ingame? It shouldn’t have IRCCM at all, that’s a later variant of the missile if I’m not mistaken…

We were told this but the optical tracking still works. I have locked plenty of helis through trees and at ground lvl. As for clouds, they block IR and optical. I believe, knowing gaijin, that the IR and optical have the same distance limitation when it comes to cloud cover.

It does have some lvl of flare resistance, I think around aim-9L or aim-9H lvl. It has been a little while since I last used it so i can go test it again when I have time. If it should be returned to r60 lvl flare resistance, that would make more sense. Assuming that optical gets fixed, it would actually provide a reason to switch between the two.

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I’ve been avoiding it for too long, but I think I’m coming to the point where it’s time I grind the Russian TT using the broken as hell 10.0 lineup, already got the Su25/object292, sounds like it’s time for me to pick up the turms and 2S38 (bc the T-80UD is going up for sure) so I can try out the Strela myself and see just how busted it is… but if you could try it first before me that would be great.
Would also love to test its flare resistance with you if your cool with that and have the time, would love to see if I can even flare it on its normal mode haha…

I would be willing to test it with you. Probably a lot better on your end as you wont have to drop a few hundred on premiums, lol.

I dont know your time zone but I am basically free this weekend. My time zone is JST. I could also just play some matches with IR only and send the replays. Wouldnt be able to do that for at least the next 10 hours though.

At the moment of me sending this message, it’s 18 mins away from midnight. I’ll practically be free for the 14 hrs before then this weekend. Bit busy tmrw sadly…

Well it’s high time I joined the bandwagon of non suffering anyway. I’ve gotten a bit tired of grinding the most suffering nation rn haha (Israel). I have the money for the turms, might wait for a sale though to save some money, and have enough GE for the 2S38 rn, (I despise that thing but I think ima finally cave and pick it up anyway, free SL for life hahaha) but yeah, bout time I pick it up…

If by any chance you’re free, I just so happen to have some free time now, for about 5 1/2 hours starting now.

I am free rn

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Cool I’ll hope on :D