9M119M1 Bluff?

I have been wondering if we take a look at the penetration from the Invar M guided missile, regardless of angel of attack it has more power than any other rounds. But tanks still don’t blow up after being hit, even when its at no angel wtih the 850mm penetration power.

I’m really unable to understand this game when it takes nothing rounds to penetrate, but a guided missile with 200-400 more penetration power dont scratch the tanks. I have had the pleasure of seeing it work flawlessly, and sure there might be a slight angel when I shoot most of the time but regardless of that the power of it should still be higher than most rounds, and if you hit the tanks in their weak spots, or spots you know blow up tanks and they dont due to maybe a slight tiny bit angel, that’s just very tiring.

Its nerfed as is and its not up to par, the destructive power is 900mm, and as for specifics not sure if the game does the angel to balance, but I am pretty sure a warhead missile will do the same damage regardless of angel of attack.

And it really isn’t that great to play with to be honest, not sure why people would find it would be overpowered, or gaijin does if it had its actual destructive power, It takes time for the missile to hit, and by that time if the other tank spots you, you’re dead and they have a chance to get out of the way of the missile.

Its a very odd playstyle that demands patience. And rewards you for it, well it doesn’t now because its already nerfed, and it doesn’t seem to be working properly.

For one I hit a M1A1 Aim in the chest at a 30 angel which is still 100-200mm higher than any other round and absolutely nothing. Or actually I think it had no angel since I was shooting down onto the chest of the M1, and it took 3 rounds.

It makes absolutely no sense. Aren’t some tanks also able to disable missiles, and if not we should allow tanks to be able to destroy guided missiles, a projectile from the machine gun of most tanks should make the missile react, in turn put the missile back to its original power at 900mm, and try to fix the angel issue.

It sounds like you’re just hitting ERA or Composite armor meant to stop this exact type of threat.

Reactive armor can only do so much, and I have destroyed tanks hitting reactive armor spots before, and composite armor shouldn’t be enough to stop the modern version invar. Doubt any tests would leave a tank unscatched operational if they were hit by an invar M.

Plus (I have to check) but i doubt most tanks have enough ERA, or composite armor to withstand a direct hit from an invar to the chest front plate. Three of them while we’re at it.

The M1A1 AIM has the thicker armour like the M1A1 HC and M1A2s which should in the turret face be able to stop it ingame

Also why are you using barrel launched atgms

Well the chemical protection is mostly any non-Russian MBT has so you’re really just asking for the one thing they have to be removed.

Well I have grown very tired of hitting tanks in their sweet spots and nothing happening, atgms seems to do the job better.

Also just now I hit a leopard tank in the undercarriage, 3-4 barrels distance and nothing happend to it, can’t credit ERA, or anything for protecting it, it seems so unfair.