9L's are poorly modelled

so per Gaijins own cited reference:

“Second, unlike the AIM-9 models used during Vietnam, the AIM-9L was hard to distract, even with purpose-designed countermeasures.”

so why are they so easy to flare, even when chasing an afterburning engine?

(this applies in both sim and RB. 9L’s can be flared away when within 1 mile, chasing an afterburning engine)

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Even 9M’s and Matra 2’s very easy to flare 7M’s wont hit anything 300ft off deck… One nations SARH missile will hit you no matter altitude and its got a no escape distance set for its IR missile u can guess which one…


saying 9Ms are “easy to flare” acting like it’s comparable to any other missile than Magic 2/R73 in this regard is silly.

They are tho…1 flare is all u need they also track any missile within 5 km- of you launching instead of target… To act like they impossible or even very hard to dodge is PURE HYPERBOYLE because thats not true at all… Yes I still get hit by them when im not flaring or did not notice player attacking me but cmon every missile does that even 9B’s…


They kind of are easy to flare, flare once, do some funky maneuvers and you’re good

I agree… that’s not what I’m saying. That said, you are doing the exact opposite and acting like they don’t have good IRCCM.

They dont and frankly didnt expect them too its not an Aim-9X afterall yes if you flare and dont do anything they hit you maybe… not like 95% of others that you just have to flare and ignore even full afterburner

yes u dont need to run a line of flares just once and turn of course keep off afterburner untill you safe

I think it’s mainly the inertial guidance that trips people into thinking it’s undodgable

So you admit it does have good IRCCM? You just said you have to put in a lot more effort to flare than with most others

yea even thats wonky once it resets seeker to reguide itself . Last couple days 9M has been very buggy for me then when I watch replays to see how someone who used no flares or turns to not get hit by my 9M and I see it going right thru the target on replays and not doing anything no packet loss noticed just fail missiles not exploding or even doing impact damage…

1 button that u have to use anyways and a turn is wut I did since I got to missiles and coming from other sims was normal to me it took me awile to accept how easy dodging any missile was so these new IRCCM’s just seemed normal to me

If the missile is missing someone afterburning you launched it at a bad angle

I’ve had 9Ls from 3km ignore my flares, unless I get a solid turn they usually land


when will you finally understand that this game is a simulator of Russian propaganda and nothing has changed here for 10 years?

that is just not true ?

if you launch 9L dead on rear aspect from like 2-3 km it is a death sentence for the guy.
if he doesnt turn off his afterburner that is.