9k127 Vikhr

i’ve a question about vikhr missile, when i’m playing with the ah1z and i see a ka-50,52 he get to shoot his missile and aim at me or next to me but i don’t get any laser warning or any other kind of radar warnings, untill i hear the missile coming to me but then it’s too late, it happened many times and the missile accuracy is absurd.


subhana lah vikhr missile is aim and forget bless our motherland for creating such a heavenly missile that can do the job of an spaa

gaijob claimed at this update beam lazers do not trigger lws

It’s a Beam Riding missile I believe, so it’s accurate; and computer guided, so it should have no issue seeking a target, not to mention its optional AtA fuse, and AtG fuse.

but why i don’t get laser warned when he tried to lock on me before launching the missile?

no it’s not, there are lws that can identify threat types and also be able to pick up beam lasers.

Well, LWS’s have blind spots, so, high chance, they just fire from the blind spot.

nope its not blind spot either. It’s just gaijin’s lazyness to correct LWS. If you don’t know what i’m talking about :Community Bug Reporting System

Well, I mean, what are you going to do with a LWS, pop countermeasures against a beam riding missile? I get it needs to be fixed, but against Vikhrs specifically (unless you sit behind a hill to avoid SPAA’s and other things), if it’s something like a 9m119, they can miss with it, but it’s not that large of a deal.

have you ever experienced top tier helicopters ? cuz right now you don’t know what you’re saying