9.7-9.3 helicopters agaist 11.3 helicopters in ground SIM

I’ve managed to gather some matches in ground simulator due the fact it gives more RP, especially for premium vehicles. My russian helicopter line has been grinded 80% in ground SIM with the ka-50 and in 2 months (without the recent update with the posibility of grinding helicopters with tanks) i’ve managed to grind the ka-52 and spading the ka-52 in sim i’ve managed to grind the mi-28 line very easy. I wanted to use the bo-105 pah-1 in simulator to accelerate the grind for helicopters and to spade it and sadly, it’s grouped at the day of top tier… agaist top tier helicopters… I wonder how should I destroy tanks with when ka-52 has radar and sees and manages to kill me on my helipad or agaist pantsir. Even mi-24 can’t do something. Maybe just agaist ka-50’s that dont have radar and you manage to slip behind them. The 9.7 day for simulator list of helicopters should be updated. For the ones who will mention the premium bo-105, it’s rare and comes to sale once a year and it’s not worth the purchase.

Yeah, sometimes logic isn’t their strongest side.

Hoping for a new bracket of sim ground soon

It’s because there were a few players who would get 8+ kills a game with the Bo… it was insanely OP.

they could move its spawn to the rear pad, or reduce the loadouts… but Gaijin are lazy so they just move it to top tier and call it a day…