9.3 totaly broken

When will be the time you do fix the BR. There is a long list of what you have messed.

  1. Supersonic (All premium) vs subsonic and barely transonic planes.
  2. R.60. R-60M. AIM-9P, AIM-9L (All of them premium aircrafts)vs BR 9.3 which just a few planes have AIM-9B and similar misisles (10G).
  3. Flares? really against AIM-9B’s? you only add those 'cause you decided to add too many premium aircrafts with missiles which are 11.0 atleast.

FIX YOUR BR, but I suppouse is the only way to take money from your players, you really only bother if you can squish money from the players, greedy game developers, there are many other ways to get money and keep the game playable… hope you find it and fire those behind this terrible playthrough