9.3 and 9.7 spaa

Why is Strela 9.3 and not a higher br and why is Ozelot 9.7 and not 9.3??? Strela is much better with its missiles that pull 20G in advertisement but seems to pull much better and has the thing that makes your missiles lock further away. Germany just needs a 9.3 stinger laucher becouse of the constant planes that the russians bring and you could get that to your 9.3 lineup and don’t have to go 9.7 as well as the Strela just being so much better than the other stinger launchers at that br bracket.

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russian bias


i agree, plus theres no way the Gepard with 2 x 35mm and 4 x stinger = ozelot with 4 x stinger only


the gepard 2 is terrible at 9.7 too the Chinese literally have the same thing but with thermals at 9.3


ozelot has 8 missiles, it can reload 4 more like the strela, but the missiles are so much worse and it don’t have the range thing where you can shoot targets further away like a heli, ive been to the 9.3 with my Bo and strela who is like 4km away just locks me and fires, to fire the stinger you have to be like 2.5 km or even closer

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It’s not literally the same thing. I refuse to believe the stinger is as bad as the Chinese missile. The Chinese missile is more like an asthmatic pool noodle.

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Strela was buffed after br changes. It should go up whenever they do the next br change.

I belive to 10.0, becouse russia has a great lineup at 10.0. 7 tanks + strela

It would be workable at that br. But 9.7 works fine. The missile still has some issues with flares and the optical tracking is not as good as it was at release.

Edit: strela also has no search functions which can make it hard to find stuff.

The problem with AA’s is that its incredibly difficult to use non IR guided missiles with some exceptions like the pantsir which is still cracked due to its superior radar and still quite good missile. but there is a reason for me bringing the chinese IR missile anti air instead of TOR-m1…

Not to even mention the 25mm guns, they really don’t have the effective range for engaging 9.0+ aircraft. It’s basically a sidegrade to the chinese gepard but 1.0 higher

Move a German SPAA down, not the Strela up.

The Strela is an example of what SPAA should be.

You cant exactly move the german AA down either as planes in lower brs would have no chance. We need decompression

The Gepard 1A2 and Ozelot were 9.3, I don’t think they were particularly dominant. I’d like to see one moved down to assist the 9.3 lineup.

Ozelot could probably go to 9.3 i agree

Lack of thermals and radar.

have to disagree. find it powerful and great. i like playing it and the vehicle looks cool.

cool, doesn’t change the fact that compared to other spaa around the br i’m still correct

the stinger is just as bad lol, also the guns have identical velocity so I have no idea what you mean by the gepard having more range.

There’s nothing identical here. The missile is also a classic chinese bootleg product, being heavier and slower with less explosive power, it also has worse overload now that the stinger got it’s ridiculous +1G buff