9.3 aircraft with no counter measures

why is there so many aircraft at 9.3 to 9.7 with no counter measures aka the G91ys and the A32A or B etc. fighting things like the ozelot or the yak-38 that has 30G missiles. There’s no counter play to it other then die. There’s no balance or anything in that BR range.

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the Yak-30 itself doesn’t have flares and its a 8.7 without missiles. You most likely meant the Yak-38M but that naval VTOL jet also doesn’t cary any flares, but i understand your point.
There are most of the times other reasons why vehicles such as the G91 and the A32A/B are at the designated Br. It can be their power retention, their caliber, turn rate, and etc. It might suffer from 1 side but from different sides it is better than its counterparts on its BR.