9.0 Air BR balance Issues

There’s no reason the F86/MiG-17 families should be at 9.0 where it can face AIM9-E/L/R60s etc at 10.0 BR without some kind of flares.

Why is there anything that can be matched up against 10.0 without flares? That’s not even getting into not having missiles itself, or afterburners. What o justifies why they’re considered capable to fight the 10.0 lineup?

No flares, no afterburner, no missiles, but they’re 100% capable of taking on MiG-21s, F-4Cs, and A-10As? The 9.0 planes need to be either given flares or the 10.0 planes with such capabilities moved up to 10.3. Maybe another round of decompression or something?