800m x 1500m Maps [Poll]

Just had this map in GRB at 10.0 BR.
Was wondering if anyone actually likes map design like this?
More of a discussion on maps of this size and less of one to do with Alaska specifically. I have seen this map size pattern applied to other already small maps.

Do you enjoy maps of this size(see photo attached above)?
  • Yes
  • No
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Also just wanted to say this isn’t a flame post. I generally only play top tier so I hate maps like this, but maybe its fun for some people… or maybe lower BR players enjoy it.
If you want to give feedback please say what BR + gamemode you enjoy this type of map in.


I have blocked Alaska, any version is a terrible CQC map


The current map is getting worse and worse as babies cry
Higher level vehicles require larger maps
Such a small map is not even suitable for World War II vehicles


Not really a fan. I mean I can deal with some smaller variations of some maps, except for one thing they have done to every map I have played that is “trimmed down” in this manner. They added large “red” areas that are “playable” areas on other variants of these maps. But if you venture into those same areas on the smaller version, you get the timer and can lose your vehicle to a timer detonation . . very annoying and uncalled for. If they want to make a single cap version, that’s fine, but shrinking and restricting the map doesn’t play out as a good idea to me. Cutting down game times might be something they are trying to accomplish, but I am not sure this is a good way to go about it. Not the end of the world or anything, just seems like it could have been more thought out and tested before just sticking these maps in the rotation . . . just my opinion

Depends on the period.

Alaska is in my ban list for this very reason, it’s easily the worst urban map after Sun City and Breslau

Fan, very good for my heavy tanks that rely on heavy front armour.