8.7 Premium wheeled vehicles are destroying the entire br

8.7-9.0 premium wheeled vehicles such as the wma301, type16…etc are destroying the entire br range. Unstabilized m48 with no laser rangefinder at 8.0 constantly fight these wheeled vehicles. These vehicles have incredible apfsds, laser rangefinder, gen2/3 thermals, and speed. I get sniped a few seconds out of spawn while I have zero chance to return fire. They are better than anyone at this br. The tech tree equivalents to these premiums are at a much higher br. TAM for german is at 10.0, the russian 2s25m is also at 10.0. The entire 7.7-9.x is ruined by these vehicles. They should be at a much higher br, lets say at least 10.0. The low winrate is from new players buying a top tier premium and dying from stupid mistakes, not from the vehicles being bad.


from 8.0 it doesn’t matter which BR, pure P2W show until 11.7

I can not say so. I only play the last br there I have such stupid surprises do not. and works ^^ because everything from 9.3Thermal,laser rangefinder and everything can penetrate everything.( and the right spots. )

Kudesune you are correct i hate wheeled tanks also in 8.7 they are ruining my experience playing is 4m t-10m and so on