8.7 in 10.0

Just had a game where I was playing my Chinese premium ground grind lineup at 8.7. Loaded in, went in the 69IIG and died to a 2s38. Went in the T62 and died to another 2s38. How is this uptier even possible? Was something changed? Before anyone asks I did not have any other higher tiered vehicles in the lineup. All 8.7-8.3.

You had a 9.0+ vehicle in your lineup.
69IIG is 9.0.


Wiki is out of date.

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What other vics did you have besides those two?
aircraft and helo br do factor

is the game that is open this very second also out of date?

Restart your game and the numbers will update.

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did the br changes happen ?


see i hate when games dont stop you from playing until you update

where can i see the other BR changes?

like RazerVon said restart your game and they should be implamented

Darn, that’s some stock crews with high BR units right there.