75 Jumbo bugged or German shells bugged... I just don't understand

It is not the Protection analysis that is bugged because I’ve died 5 times for this…

I just don’t understand and knowing how this company works… they won’t fix it any time soon

I dont understand why German players always think Sherman’s armour is OP and impenetrable while bugs like these exists. It has become a tradition for german players complaining about sherman’s armour. Instead of complaining they should rather focus on utilising their tanks properly.


The first shot hits the corner of the side armor, the front armor doesn’t extend all the way there.
The 2nd is hitting a flat part of the turret, I never tried shooting that but noticed a player doing so during the recent eSports tournament.

I don’t think either of these are bugs? Maybe “bugs” in the tank design?

Better question is why American players think a Tiger is a magical super tank that is invincible when angled but anyone who says otherwise is the wehraboo somehow.

Tiger 1 is a easy tank to defeat if you know where to shoot. But Panthers are a different story. Most tanks that face them cannot pen them frontally.

No different from a Jumbo, that has a lot more armor from all sides. Panther is only strong frontally and from a distance, the moment you disable the barrel, which is trivial because even the slightest contact with the breach will destroy the barrel, it’s screwed because it has no reverse speed and no side armor on top of a massive profile.

It’s almost like the Panther is a medium tank and the Jumbo is a heavy tank.

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Yet a medium Panther is more protected than a heavy Tiger, almost like these labels don’t mean anything because they’re made up by the country themselves, based on their own standards and based on the year of production that has zero relevance in Warthunder.


Or maybe the Panthers should go up in BR.

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Everyone who doesn’t actually play them says that.

I’ve got enough experience in the Panthers.

Then you’d also know they’re fine where they are, they get good firepower and armor that might save you, on a massively tall platform that prevents you from hiding anywhere, without a reverse gear that endlessly punishes you and a literal bomb from every angle but the front for a guaranteed one shot if it’s not facing you.

Armor that “might” save them? For their BR they’re some of the best-armored tanks in the game, they have excellent power-to-weight ratios and max speeds, smoke grenades, neutral steering that IRL would have shredded their transmission gearing…

But please, tell me more how the Panther D is perfectly fine at 5.3 matched up against the M4A3E2 and its 75mm cannon and worse mobility, or the M4A2 (76) W that’s an M4A2 with a better gun.

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The turret is 100mm or so, the front 175mm, from the side you get killed by anything, the Jumbo has like twice the turret armor at the same BR.

That is very true. However, Gaijin does treat it as its own designation, giving medium tanks lower SP costs, and IIRC also artillery which is a useful ability.
With all the compression complaints on top BRs, I think the middle BRs also need some decompression. Proper heavy tanks are hard to utilize as such with how modern vehicles appear in the same battles and just nullify their single advantage.
When I grinded France, I remember the Jumbo was very bouncy and that was fun, even if I couldn’t really shoot anyone. But now it seems 6.3 matches pull 5.3 into constant uptiers and neither the Jumbo nor Tiger can catch a break. Although tbf the Tiger does perform quite well even in full uptiers. The Jumbo though, struggles even in favorable matchups.

As opposed to the M4A3 76W that doesn’t have the firepower, or the armor and has a similarly bad reverse gear.

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The turret is 100mm and flat, but the mantlet is extremely rounded and bounces a great many shots unless you precisely aim at either the exposed bits of the turret itself on the sides or the center where its relatively flat and doesn’t overlap the turret. The front hull is completely unpennable by either the 75mm or the 76mm.

Meanwhile the Panther can shoot at any Sherman that isn’t a Jumbo anywhere it wants at almost any range to get a guaranteed penetration, and the Jumbo’s UFP is vulnerable past 1km where its flat-out impossible to aim at a Panther’s few weakspots on its frontal turret.

And as @Zucc_Boi said, the Panther is a medium, not a heavy/assault, so its gets better spawn costs and artillery than the Jumbo.

And let’s not talk about the 76mm Jumbo at 6.3, okay?


The Shermans are similarly tall, as the height of both tanks stems from them having to run a shaft across the bottom of the tank to connect the transmission to the engine.
Shermans also have at most a 5 km/h reverse speed, with the Jumbo specifically having the lowest reverse speed of any Sherman, at -4.6 km/h. Sure, it is generally faster than the Panthers (Panther D has -3.9, Panther A/G/F have -3.3, Panther II is significantly faster at -14.4 km/h), but by no means good.

Do not forget about the Jumbo’s lower side armor which is just 38.1 mm thick. The weakest the Panthers have is 40 mm.

The Jumbo UFP is similar, if not arguably weaker than the Panther’s, as it is not a solid 101.6 mm RHA plate but rather two plates of 63.5 and 38.1 mm thickness.

Against a 75 mm capped AP round, the Panther and Jumbo UFP will be roughly 207 and 187 mm effective respectively. Against 75 mm uncapped AP, the values change to roughly 175 and 185 mm, and against 85 mm blunt nose AP, around 164 and 137 mm respectively.

The Jumbo does, undeniably, have a stronger turret, not much else to say about that. Even taking into account volumetric and how the Panther’s turret front can catch a lot of shots, it still doesn’t quite compare to sheer thickness.

This is not true. I have tested this in a custom battle in a completely flat area in the Cargo Port map and the Panther can only reliably penetrate at 200 meters or closer. My assumption is that you are using protection analysis and aligning your camera with the Jumbo’s cannon barrel, which leads to the shot coming from above, which nullifies a lot of the effectiveness of the plate.

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Yeah, but this is dumb, light tanks are already meta, no armor best armor, mobility, firepower.
But then here’s scouting, oh and here’s drones, oh here’s artillery and some are even amphibious, plane spawn cost reduction and already has lower SP cost to begin with.

Heavy tanks gets nothing, they just get shit on.

Everything just goes to light tanks, instead everyone should get the same or they should get their own advantage, light tanks get scouting, heavy tanks should be able to call in their own thing instead of just being worse.

And Shermans get a stabilizer and faster reload in return so make that first shot count.
Volumetric is just a mess and not so much just a Panther thing, everything is a meme.

76mm Jumbo is a fantastic tank.