70% min uptiers at best GRB

I am keeping track of uptiers due to being unable to play comfortably, in fact im starting to get very angry, for the last few days i have been keeping track playing britian and sweden.

So far for sweden at 5.3BR out of 30 matchies 28 are full uptier, sp cost 100, while 2 are partial down tier sp cost 130. This will be updated after 100 matchies

Over 2 days i kept track of 100 matchies playing britian 6.0 and the following result
27 @ 100 SP full up tier
43 @ 110 SP partial up tier
25 @ 130 SP partial down tier
5 @ 150 SP full down tier

Works out 70% in up tiers and 30% in down tiers at best, in a down tier there is still a large number of units at my br

I dont know what gaijin are upto , not only am i playing against stronger units but my own have no armour, it does not matter what pens mine its all the same, but it matters what i can pen. I am also competing with stronger units on my own team for postion and this struggle is compounded even more by the fact i am on console.
I like this game very mutch, other wise i would not be here writing this right now.

Soon i will regret giving gaijin my money if this patern continues and i know there are others who zre getting frustrated.