7,92 mm Mg 34 AA/GP for StuG III Ausf. F

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I would like to suggest adding a modification to the Stug III Ausf. F to have a GP/AA Mg 34 over the commanders or loader hatch with a little mount, with open (or closed) hatch and ghost controlled from within (like many AA Mgs already are. They where usually given a self defence MG 34, however without a mount, these were usually a Field mod and as such fired from the bipod normally. With only the Ausf.G receiving a proper MG shield with 2 mounting points for protected anti infantry or GP/AA.
These mountings were usually more limited to the frontal ark, however still with a wider arc of firing angle.

In game the StuG III Ausf. F does have no means to fight against other unarmored vehicles beyond the limited gun angles as well as against air targets.

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Here a Stug III Ausf.F (see long barrel and roof ventilator) with such contraption.
And A with apparently similar mounting:

And Stug III Later

Stug III Manual
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