7.0 planes should be usable in 7.0 naval

So I got su-9 but I couldn’t even use it in naval?
Thats just dumb.
Yes the su-9 is 7.3 in arcade but not i realistlic in realistlic its 7.0 what should mean I should still be able to use it.
Is it so hard to not let jets into naval?
I mean su-9 and me 262 jabo are aslo really slow so that wouldn’t be a problem.
I don’t know about kikka since its in 6.7 in rb but thats not the point.
There aren’t really much 7.0 jet planes what carry bombs either.
3 (f-84b-26, f-80a-5, f3d-1) in usa, 1 (me262 jabo) in germany, 1 (su-9) in ussr, 1 in gb, 1 in japan (kikka 6.7), 0 in italy, 0 in france (all battle ratings in realistlic).
Maybe I shoudln’t be able to use them in arcade but I should be able to use them in realistlic battles.


War Thunder - In battle 21.04.2024 19_24_34


So are you using the 7.0 battleship as the primary BR defining ship in your lineup? The second picture would be much better to actually decipher what is happening if it showed your lineup. Naval is not like Ground battles in which you can user aircraft to dictate BR. In Naval you must have a ship within that .6 BR step in order to use your aircraft. Do you have a picture showing that same situation, but with the lineup visible? That would help a ton in figuring out why this happened.

I just joined a game with my USS Mississippi and A2D-1 and had no issues with spawning the 7.0 plane. Until you can bring a picture of the lineup with that error in spawning the plane, then we have little choice other than to assume operator error.

Yea, shouldn’t have cropped the lineup out…

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Yes you can Im flying Kikka every weekend in Naval EC.


I think he just want to spawn jet in naval but doesnt have ships high enough :D


Oh thanks then I tought the naval worked like ground rb if u have a higher plane then u get to higher br I just wanted to go to naval 7.0 whit a torpedo boat to troll bigger warships

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