6.0 literally doesnt exist, every game is a full uptier against numerous invulnerable ships

Naval used to be so good before Des Moines was added, most of the games were even and balanced 6.0 games. Nowadays, 6.0 doesnt exist. And im not exaggarating, everytime i play the Helena, its a 7.0 game, and it has been like that for atleast 2 months. EVERY. TIME.
This has to stop, I dont want to hear any suggestions by these forum people, telling me to focus other cruisers or some nonsense, I want to hurt the enemy back the same way it can hurt me, and to be frank, battleship needs only one hit against a cruiser most of the time, so yeah there’s not much counter play to that.


Idk what game you were playing, the Helena has always been overpowered. naval is probably the most unbalanced gamemode overall.

Event season.


Event has ended

Managed a couple of 5.7 games with Hipper/Prinz Eugen yesterday - in between 6.7 games with American BB’s - luck of the draw.

Lately I do not even bother to compete on that level. Instead I deliberately take japanese destroyers in 7.0 matches (RB) and try to increase my skill on torpedoes. Sometimes without any success but then it happens that some big fat fish falls prey. It´s very satisfying sinking a Scharnhorst with little Nenohi. With a bit of luck you can hear blig bling bling a nice ripple of kills. Only issues so far are players who actually take a closer look on the battlefield (quite rare tbh) and the bots. They instareact and let hell lose when their script “allows” it.


same for 5.0 destroyers against things like the Prinz Eugen, which is very well armored and hard to take down without spraying it down with SAP and hoping it catches fire.

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That just how it was in reality though. Outside of the odd battle like one at Guadalcanal, Cruisers rarely did major damage to BBs alone.

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Compression is certainly an issue, the Des Moines shouldn’t regularly be facing a Hipper, and Baltimore should.

On the other hand, there are plentyvof ships the Hipper faces that feel the same way about her.

True true. But then I wonder how to integrate the cruisers´ actual role in war-thunder, since they very often encounter BBs. Gathering intelligence, protect trade-routes, shelling shores, escort fleets etc.
As long as the match-making puts cruisers and BBs together, the cruisers have to have a meaningful place apart from feeding kills to the Scharnhorsts.