6.0 balance idea

Hello and welcome to my shower thought ted talk

As we all know 6.0 is one of the most influential BRs in naval with many 5.0-6.0 or 5.3-6.0 matches or 6.3 and 6.7 dominated by 6.0 vessels. But those vessels belong to only 3 countries:

USA - 4 tree, 1 event, 1 premium - with high RoF, average damage, speed and armor, no torps, good AA
Japan - 3 tree, 1 premium - bad RoF and armor, very good damage, speed and best torps, almost no AA
Russia - 2 tree, 1 premium - good armor and damage, average speed and RoF, some torps and good AA

that is pretty balanced imo but what about other nations? Players of germany or italy for example have only 5.7 cruiser and can never compete on equal terms in 6.0 battles. They also lack meaningful respawns if they research their first 6.3 ships.

My idea is to introduce on 6.0 pre dreadnought battleships and armored cruisers, for now 2 per country since they would be harder to destroy with their high amount of crew. My proposals would be:


Regina Margherita-class - 2 double 305mm turrets, two 203mm and six 152mm cannons per side, 152 mm armor, 37kph - slow, averagely armored heavy hitter,



San Giorgio-class cruiser - two twin 254 mm and four twin 190mm turrets, 200mm armor, 43kph - moderetaly armed but faster and more armored



Deutschland-class - two twin 280mm guns, five 150mm guns per side, AA, 240mm armor, 35kph max speed - rather slow and not well armed but tanky and with AA, and very, very recognizable



SMS Blucher - eight twin 210 mm turrets total and two 150mm cannons per side, 47kph, 180mm armor
-similar to San georgio



United Kingdom

Since there is already one 6.0 battlecruiser, only one suggestion:

London-class - two twin 305mm turrets, six 150mm per side, 230mm armor, 33kph -
slow and tanky with decent primary cannons.



I dont know much about french ships so I welcome you to propose those or ships from any other country that in your opinion fit 6.0 BR. I also welcome to the discussion.


A heavy cruiser for USSR would be nice, currently USSR ships at BR 6.0 - 6.7 are rather lacking.

USSR has some of the best ships at that BR. The Zheleznyakov is the best 6.0 ship in the game. The 152mm guns it shares with other USSR ships at that BR are absolutely amazing. They have zero downside, and can punch well above their BR. If you know where to aim, there are very few ships can fight it one on one.

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Quite worry about pre-dreadnought added at 6.0 because their tankiness is similar to 6.3 dreadnoughts. Of course their firepower is much lower level than dreadnoughts, but their protection is far beyond the level which 5.0 destroyers and 5.0~6.0 light cruisers to fight against.

For Italy, San Giorgio class has two ships so instead of Regina Margherita class add both ships would be recommendable.

For Germany, they have Panzerschiffe β€˜D’ which was laid down but scrapped soon after as Kriegsmarine prefer Schalchtstiff β€˜D’(which later become Scharnhorst) so it would be better than Deutschland class. SMS Blucher doesn’t seem like problem as 210 mm APC won’t perform much better than 203 mm(8-inch) APCBC.

For United Kingdom, Greek Cruiser Georgios Averof could be candidate. Though build in Italy, this ship served under Royal Navy as part of Greek exile navy. Ship supplied British munitions and get AA refit in Great Britain so can be candidate imo.

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I understand the concerns about the balance but vessels picked here have slow both top and traverse speeds and not that impressive armor. On smaller maps in downtiers they could be flanked and destroyed with torpedoes. Also lets keep in mind that armor on early battleships was distributed unequally around the ship. Some parts of superstructure could be penned by 150mm and 203mm SAP shells resulting in fires and crew loss after continous barrage.

Now, regarding the specific ships, Regina class is less armored than San Georgio and only slightly more than IJN Ikoma that we already have on 5.7.

Panzerschiffe D proposition is actually kinda suprising to me if you are concerned about 5.0 and 5.3 uptiers. The ship has 200mm belt, modern 6x280mm cannons as well as secondaries and AA. It is also much faster than anything here and has access to decent torpedoes. I wanted to see this ship but in my opinion it is more of a 6.3 material.

Deutschland class at the other hand has more armor but very lacking armament. It would be tanky, sure but with not much ability to respond to enemy fire.

I like the idea of greek cruiser tho, I think it fits 6.0 criteria very well

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Still, having to face heavy cruisers, battle cruisers and battleships with the Chapayev, Kirov, Sverdlov and Mikhail Kutuzov isn’t exactly fair game imo.

There is not a single 6.0 that can right now defsat a 6.3+ battleship or battlecruiser in 1v1 scenario (not counting torps), so there is no point jn comparing them.

Russian ships as it already said excell at damage output while retaining decent survivability. High pen AP rounds can sink every other 6.0 cruiser with relative ease and after continous fire you can also do some damage to heavier targets